Tin Teddy Daily Journal Prompts - August 2021

Here are the Tin Teddy Daily Journal Prompts for the month of August 2021 . There is a printable PDF version available too.

Please feel free to interpret them as loosely as you like – or change, rearrange or ignore them too.

It is up to you how much or little you write each day – it may vary.

I have tried to keep the prompts positive and optimistic. Some will hopefully bring back happy memories, some give you insights into yourself, some help you shape your dreams and goals, some encourage mindfulness and peace and others will stretch your imagination.

I will be doing the challenge myself and will put up some of my entries on Instagram.

Use hashtag #tinteddyjournal to post your own daily journaling – but please don’t feel you need to share what you write with anyone! The journaling is for your own benefit, but if you want to share, then please do.

1  Without looking first, draw a plan of your bedroom (or another room if you are in the bedroom already).  Then go check to see what you missed.

2 What sport or sports were you good at, or fond of, at school? Do you still do any sports? Or, what sports would you rather like to have gotten into, and why?

3 Try using a media in your journal that you rarely or never use.  So if you never paint.. Add a tiny watercolour picture.  You can do an abstract pattern or even just some splats of the media.

4 Imagine you are planning to go live in an Alaskan Homestead in the wilds.  What skills do you think you will need to learn first!

5 Imagine you could have any celebrity as your bestie. Who would you want and why?

6 Write your name in the middle of the page then fill the rest of the area with words about yourself and your life. Try varying the size of the words to reflect the importance/significance of what they represent.

7 Write about an event from your schooldays that stands out in your memory. Write about what you remember about it actually happening, how you felt at the time, and how you feel about it looking back.

8 You have been chosen to organize the Ultimate Debate. You can invite up to 12 people (living, dead or even imaginary) and they will all get together around a big table and debate the biggest issues (or whatever issues you choose).  Who are you going to pick for this event?

9 Write a postcard to someone telling them about your favourite summertime memory.

10 The classic Desert Island question is here! If you were stranded on a desert island, which eight tracks, book and luxury would you pick! (and why?)

11 Look up (if needed) and write down the lyrics of a song you particularly like.  Write about why you like the  lyrics etc

12 What TV, movie and/or book series have you watched all the way through? Have you done so more than once? Will you do so again?

13 Think of three small things that would really be worth doing to make your life (or day) better.  Then do them and write about it.  They can be very tiny, or stuff you have been putting off for ages.

14 My mum is really excited because she has just received a big box of juicy new felt pens. If you were to get a box of something that will thrill you. What might it be?

15 Write a monologue for an interesting character

16 You have been tasked with teaching a budgie or parrot to talk.  What phrases are you going to teach your feathery friend? 

17 Imagine you are a minor character in a major historical (or imaginary event). Write about the event from the character’s point of view. What they consider to be the important points may not be the same as the historical record. For example, a servant in the court of an important monarch, a small child in Dallas when Kennedy was shot, a sailor on a ship sent to rescue the Titanic or the tea lady at the space command centre on the day of the moon landing.

18  Draw a continuous line on your page.  Make it wiggle and travel around however you feel it should.  Stop when you feel it is finished.  Or do a few smaller ones, if you prefer.

19 Write about something that has changed a lot since you were a child. Perhaps it is to do with the world around you, the place you live, the technology in your life etc.

20 Imagine you could interview a person from history.  What questions would you ask them?

21 Ask someone else to pick any three colours (pens, paints, crayons, whatever you prefer) and then create a little image or piece of art using them. 

22 Write about a special childhood friend. What sort of things did you get up to together? Did you have special secrets? Are you still in touch?

23 Write down some random numbers, or use a phone number etc. Then look this up as coordinates on Google Earth or similar. Where is it?

24 Try to remember all the next-door and/or near by neighbours you have had. If you can’t remember a name, just include a description.

25 Write a short story for small children. It doesn’t need to have many words. Ten or so short sentences could do it. (But you can write as much as you like) You could add some little pictures if you wanted it.

26 Imagine you have just been given £100 ($100 or equivalent) You must spend in on Amazon.  Go have a look and decide what you would use it for, then write about this.  You can either choose what you would really buy under the circumstances, or, you could pretend you were someone else and pick what they would like (for example, you are a rock star, or a crazy cat lady..)

27 What are some of your earliest memories? Jot them down, even if they are fragmentary. 

28  Draw around something round and small, many times, such as a coin (or use a round stamp or stencil). Fill in each circle with a different simple face. See how many expressions you can come up with. You could have fun naming them too. “Just Stood in Dog Poo”, “Oh, Thank you for the Birthday Present (It’s hideous)”

29 You are replanting your garden (or window box/friend’s garden etc). You can only use 6 different plants – what you going to use and why?

30 You have travelled back in time, and you now get to be the one to make a BIG discovery. What do you discover and why? Perhaps you want to find Tutankhamun’s treasure, or be the first person to the South Pole, or maybe you want to split the atom or step foot on undiscovered shores.

31 If you know how to use another language, try journaling in that language today.  If you are fluent you can write about what you did recently. If you are intermediate, write about who you are, or whatever subject you are most comfortable with in that language. If you are a beginner, Write in English and use whatever words and sentences you can in your other language.  You could look up some words to help you out.  If you don’t speak any other languages, Think of one you like, write a short entry about yourself, or what you have been doing lately, in rough. Then look up the nouns in the article, in your target language.  Then rewrite the article with these nouns.

Download the PDF Here

Download a printable version of the August daily quotes for easy reference.

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