Tin Teddy Journal Prompts December

Here are the Tin Teddy Daily Journal Prompts for the month of December 2020 . There is a printable PDF version available too.

Please feel free to interpret them as loosely as you like – or change, rearrange or ignore them too.

It is up to you how much or little you write each day – it may vary.

I will be doing the challenge myself and will put up some of my entries on Instagram.

Use hashtag #tinteddyjournal to post your own daily journaling – but please don’t feel you need to share what you write with anyone! The journaling is for your own benefit, but if you want to share, then please do.

1 Write about how your life has changed in the past year

2 You need to go undercover for a while for a secret mission. Create a new persona for yourself. What is your name, job and pretend life?

3  Try to remember the first home you lived in. You could describe it, draw a picture or floor plans. If your first home was very recent (or you still live in it), describe how it has changed since you were a child, Can you remember the wallpaper or decor from when you were little?

4 If a stranger saw your bookcase, music collection or movie collection, what do you think they would assume about you? Would it be true?

5 You are going to give your bedroom or craft room a magical makeover. Money is no object, and the room is as big as you want it to be! If you share a bedroom, you could imagine this is your own personal room.

6 Ask a friend to suggest a topic for today’s journaling! It could be someone you live with, a friend or family member you could phone or message, or a friend on social media.

7 Think of 5 things you could change now that your future self would thank you for – will you change them?

8 What was the first movie you remember seeing (at the cinema, or at home)? Or, what was the first movie you went to see without your parents. Or the first movie you saw with a partner or friend.

9 Chronicle your day as if you had never done any of these things before.

10 Fill a page with lots of little Christmas (or Wintery) doodles. Keep them simple. You can colour them or just do line art as you prefer.

11 What is one question you would really, really like to know the answer to?

12 They are making a movie of your life! Who is in the cast?

13 What trend or fashion do you really not get?

14 What is your favourite motivational saying or quote. Why do you like it? How do you use it.

15 Which would you rather be, a vampire,a werewolf or a witch (the green, warty kind)? Discuss 

16 Try to remember some Christmas presents you have received (or given) in the past. Can you remember any special ones from your childhood? Perhaps some are funny or even disastrous!

17 He/She is My Best Friend Because…

18 Search online for “beautiful man” or “beautiful woman”.  Pick the first one (or a random one) and write about him or her.  What do you think makes them “beautiful”? Do you agree? You could go on to write about what “beauty” means to you.

19 A billionaire is going to treat you this Christmas and shower you with presents, you lucky thing!  What gifts are you going to be opening this year?

20 What are your strengths? How might you use them more?

21 You are the new king or queen of a small fantasy kingdom.  What laws would you like to bring in to make sure your kingdom flourishes. They can be serious rules, or fun ones.

22 Money is not an object and you can buy a friend or family member any Christmas (or birthday) gift. What would you get and for whom?

23 There are ten magical ornaments on a Christmas tree. Each represents some important aspect of your life (or past).  What the ornaments of?

24  Write about a favourite (or memorable) teacher from school or uni.

25   If you celebrate Christmas, and are going to have time to journal today,….write about what you like about Christmas time. If you don’t celebrate, pick some other festival or season to write about instead.

26 Write about your perfect day. What would you wear, eat, do Where would you go, who with and why?

27  Write about your New Year Resolutions. Or why you are not making any, if you aren’t. Or you could make up some funny or silly ones!

28 What do you like and dislike about social media? If you don’t use it, why not?

29 Do you have any little rituals that you always do?

30 Draw a simple plan of your garden – if you don’t have a garden, draw one of a park or other well known place

31  Write about what 2020 meant to you. If you think this will make you sad (it has been a tough year for so many), concentrate on the positives and how you got through the year.

Download the PDF Here

Download a printable version of the December daily quotes for easy reference.

The prompts will also be issued daily on the tin_teddy Twitter.

December Tin Teddy Daily Journal Prompts

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