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You are a craft seller, selling your handmade products online or at craft fairs.  You have read that having a blog will help you sell the handmade items in your online store.

You created a blog, or are about to, but have hit a stumbling block.  What on earth should you actually write about?


Make it, Blog It, Profit! – Blog Post Ideas for Craft Sellers is the exciting new book from Deborah Richardson of Tin Teddy. Thousands of ideas for blog posts especially for the sellers of handmade crafts and art.

Never be stuck for a blog post again:

  • Chapters concentrating on popular hand made niches such as Jewelry, Home Decor, Wedding Products and many others.
  • Be continually inspired with seasonal, topical and daily post ideas
  • Ideas for how to make the most of each blog post
  • How to take an idea and adapt it to create dozens of different posts
  • Ensuring your blog posts are found by your target market
  • Spend less time wondering what to write and more time actually writing
  • Create ambassador posts that people will search for
  • 130 pages of useful information for craft sellers who blog

Make It, Blog It, Profit! is Available in Various Formats:



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GoogleVersionMake It, Blog it, Profit! is also available from other online bookstores.