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Here are some of the programs, apps and other resources that I personally use on the Tin Teddy Blog and my other websites.  Many are free or have free versions.

Some of these links are affiliate links.  This means that if you buy after clicking the link, I will receive a small commission from the seller (at no extra cost to yourself).  These payments help support the Tin Teddy blog. Thank you.



I use GoDaddy for my blog hosting, my domain names and cloud storage.  I have been with them for many years now and found them to be helpful when needed.  I have never had any issues with servers being down.

Etsy LogoEtsy

My Tin Teddy graphics shop, Tin Teddy Die Cuts shop and my shop are all on Etsy.  Etsy make it very easy to set up a shop and start selling.  Their fees are very reasonable compared to other online retail options.

Click on the title Etsy, or the E logo, to get 40 free listings when you sign up to Etsy!

EtsyRank LogoEtsy Rank

This site has two levels, free and paid.  I use the free version to check my Etsy shops.  I have written a little review of Etsy Rank which has more information about why I use it and recommend it to anyone with an Etsy shop –Tin Teddy Blog post about Etsy Rank

Google Analytics LogoGoogle Analytics

I use Google Analytics to better understand how my websites are being found and used.  I use Google Analytics for WordPress plugin by MonsterInsights to connect it to my blog.  Google Analytics is free.


The Craft Seller Success has been hosted by Podbean since it started. I have been very happy with the service.  Podbean is very economical, offering just the right plan for my use.  Despite being new to podcasting, I was able to get the CSS podcast up and running surprisingly quickly thanks to their easy to use site.  Highly recommended for anyone wanting to host their own podcast.


Internet Download ManagerInternet Download Manager

This little program has been something of a life-saver.  Where I live does not have good internet access.  A combination of slow speeds and occasional cut-outs can make it hard to download some files.

Internet Download Manager has enabled me to download files without any stress.  It gets on with the job, in the background, and I don’t have to worry about it.  It even allows me to schedule a download for a specific time (whilst I am having dinner!).

There is a 30 day fully-functioning free trial so you can test it thoroughly.  I trust it and it works.  Simple as that.

Audacity LogoAudacity

I use this popular, free software to edit my podcasts.  My son is a keen musician and has been using it for years.  Basically he told me I must use it, hehe.  Audacity appears to be something of a standard for podcasting with every guide I have ever seen recommending it.

Cyberlink Power Director 16CyberLink Power Director 16

This is the software that I use to edit my videos.  I like that it is very intuitive to use.  When I first installed it I found myself doing things quickly without having to look up how.  I have the Ultimate version, there is a cheaper version available too with a few less extras.

Here are links to Cyberlink Power Director 16 on and


WordPress Plugins

Yoast SEO logoYoast SEO

I use the free version of Yoast SEO on my blog.  I also appreciate the regular emails they send which contain genuinely useful advice.  I have found that using Yoast really has helped my blog posts get found.  I will be upgrading to the paid version very soon.

Social Warfare PluginSocial Warfare

I use the Pro (paid for) version of this plugin, though there is a cut-down free version available too.  Social Warfare enables me to ensure that when people share my posts on social media it has suitable images and descriptions attached.

All In One Migration PluginAll-In-One WP Migration

This free WordPress plugin by ServMask let’s me back up my websites for safety.  It is easy to use and brings a lot of peace of mind.

WooCommerce logo


My Tin Teddy Shop uses WooCommerce for the retail elements.  The base plugin is free and there is a range of add ons for extra functions, some free, some not.  Many, many online shops are powered by WooCommerce.  I found it easy and logical to set up and use.