Tell me About Tin Teddy

Tin Teddy is the business name of Deborah Richardson from Northamptonshire in England.  It was founded in 2004 and is the umbrella business for all my crafty (and other) ventures.

What Does Tin Teddy do?About Tin Teddy

As a lifelong crafter, and a keen scrap booker since the early 1990’s, I was also making images for my projects.  It wasn’t long before I began to compile them into disks for friends and family to use.  And so the idea of selling my graphics for crafters via the Internet was born.

I have over 200 different digital papers, clip art image sets and vintage collage sheets for you to use in your crafting projects.

Currently, I am selling my graphics through the Tin Teddy shop on Etsy.  

I offer a range of high quality gifts which feature my original artwork.  There are currently mugs, bags, cushions (pillows) and phone cases.  These are available from the Tin Teddy Gifts shop.

I also write and publish under the business name of Tin Teddy.  My latest book, Make It, Blog It, Profit! – blog post ideas for craft sellers is available from my Etsy shop (in PDF format), from Amazon (in printed and Kindle formats),  from the Apple and Google stores and many more.  Read more here – Make It, Blog It, Profit!

Why is it Called Tin Teddy?

A good question. I wanted a name that was easy to remember, easy to spell and sounded fun (it alliterates!)  I also needed something no one else was using, and to be able to get the .com for it.  Tin Teddy!

What Else is on the Tin Teddy Website?

The main part of the website is the Tin Teddy Blog – now 6 years old.  Here I post articles on getting the most from your Tin Teddy graphics, tutorials for various crafty projects and lots of information to help those of you who sell your own handmade crafts.

The blog is also the home of the Craft Seller Success Podcast.  New episodes every fortnight.  Articles, information, hints and tips to help craft sellers sell their crafts.  Also available from iTunes – Craft Seller Success on iTunes.

Why the References to Antique Dog Prints? is my other shop on Etsy.  Here I sell vintage and antique prints of (you guessed it!) dogs… and a few of other animals now and then.

Where does Craft Llama come into all this?

Craft Llama is my community website for crafters of all ages, nationalities and levels of experience.  If you like crafting, then it is the place for you.  You can read more about Craft Llama and why you should join (hey, it is totally FREE!) on its own website –

Who on earth is Elgyfu?

In 2004 I discovered the virtual world of Second Life™, where my avatar’s name is Elgyfu Wishbringer.

I began making a few textures for my own use, then creating houses and furniture using them.  Before long I had a busy shop selling many thousands of my home-made textures and images.  If you are a resident of Second Life, come check it out – my shop is called Tin Teddy!

Elgyfu is also my middle name and I often use it online.  There is a bit more about my odd name here – Who on Earth is Elgyfu?