Tin Teddy Daily Journal Prompts - July

Here are the Tin Teddy Daily Journal Prompts for the month of July 2021 . There is a printable PDF version available too.

Please feel free to interpret them as loosely as you like – or change, rearrange or ignore them too.

It is up to you how much or little you write each day – it may vary.

I have tried to keep the prompts positive and optimistic. Some will hopefully bring back happy memories, some give you insights into yourself, some help you shape your dreams and goals, some encourage mindfulness and peace and others will stretch your imagination.

I will be doing the challenge myself and will put up some of my entries on Instagram.

Use hashtag #tinteddyjournal to post your own daily journaling – but please don’t feel you need to share what you write with anyone! The journaling is for your own benefit, but if you want to share, then please do.

1 What is your favourite colour? Has it always been so? What things do you have that are that colour? Would you want that colour of clothing? Car? Hair?

2 Look at a room in your house from an unusual point of view – you could lay on the floor, sit under a table, stand on a chair (be careful!) or look in through the window.  What things do you notice? What looks surprising from this angle?

3 Write about something that you feel very differently about now than when you were younger

4 How would you turn something in your life that is boring into something you find enjoyable?

5 Write down ten features that you would like in your dream home. You can describe them in as much detail as you want.  Or add pictures.

6 Imagine you run your own business, what do you do? (If you do have a business, think of another one)

7 Make a list of some fruit, vegetables or other food stuffs that you have never tried before. Leave space, then try to get a couple of them soon, and write about them in the space.

8 Invent some new words for things that don’t have names. Like the back of your knee.

9 Think about a subject that you are quite interested in but know very little about.  Go do a bit of research…

10 Try to remember all the pets you have owned – if you haven’t had any, write about what pet or pets you think would suit you

11 Search for “inspirational quotes” and note in your journal the ones that you like the most.

12 Draw a simple floor plan for one or each floor of your house. Draw directly in your journal or on separate paper and glue it in if you prefer.  You can choose whether you want to try to make it pretty accurate and to scale, or go for a more stylized approach.

13 You are going to be able to talk to a figure from the past. Your task is to show them their legacy today.  Who are you going to choose and what will you show them?

14 Write down some musical genres, such as rock n roll, disco, gangster rap, kpop, showtunes, ballads  etc,. Now come up with some great names for groups in those genres.  You can add more about the groups if you feel extra imaginative.

15 One hundred years from now you are very famous, a household name.  Why?

16 Draw a big star on the page, lightly, with a pencil. Write something about the real stars, super stars, or someone you consider to be a star within the lines. Then erase the pencil lines.

17 Write about your favourite band or singer

18 Draw your earliest memory.

19 You have a small crescent scar on your chin. Write the exciting story of how you got it!

20 Find a picture – it could be a painting on your wall, a photograph or the cover of a book, game or dvd. Ideally something that is in your house on view a lot.  Now study it in detail. Write about what you see, especially the things you notice for the first time.

21 Create a word cloud of summer words. Try using different colours, fonts and letter sizes to make it decorative. You could practice on a scrap of paper if you are nervous about arranging everything.

22 You won the boat of your dreams. What is it called? What does it look like, what features does it have and where are you going to go with it? Or would you just sell it?

23 You get the chance to interview a historical figure. Who are you going to choose, and what will you ask them?

24 Write a letter from a character where what they actually say is clearly not the whole truth.  The reader will see the truth by reading between the lines.

25 Write about the ten foodstuffs you like most!  My number one is roast parsnips.

26 Write, draw or otherwise create something that invokes a sense of nostalgia in you.

27 Imagine a day in the life of your pet. If you don’t have any pets you could use a friend or neighbours pet… or an animal in a zoo or the wild. Whether you keep it serious and probable or imaginative and fantastic is up to you!

28 Describe the features of your garden, home or a room as if you were a tour guide at a stately home or historical location.  Either keep to the facts, or let your imagination run wild.

29 Write about a tv or movie character who has had an impact on your life in some way (inspired you, very memorable, you relate to them etc)

30 Draw a map of your local area from memory – and then compare it to an actual map to see how right (or wrong!) you were.

31 Using a physical or online dictionary, find a new word (or search for “archaic words”, “interesting words” or something similar) then try using it in some sentences.  Do you think you will use it in your life? Do a few words if you like.

Download the PDF Here

Download a printable version of the June daily quotes for easy reference.

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