Tin Teddy Journal Prompts - January

Happy New Year to you all! Here’s hoping 2021 is a lot better than 2020 was.

Here are the Tin Teddy Daily Journal Prompts for the month of January 2021 . There is a printable PDF version available too.

Please feel free to interpret them as loosely as you like – or change, rearrange or ignore them too.

It is up to you how much or little you write each day – it may vary.

I have tried to keep the prompts positive and optimistic. Some will hopefully bring back happy memories, some give you insights into yourself, some help you shape your dreams and goals, some encourage mindfulness and peace and others will stretch your imagination.

I will be doing the challenge myself and will put up some of my entries on Instagram.

Use hashtag #tinteddyjournal to post your own daily journaling – but please don’t feel you need to share what you write with anyone! The journaling is for your own benefit, but if you want to share, then please do.

1 What are the main principles on which you base your life?

2 Imagine you are the hero of a book or movie you are familiar with. Would you do things the way they did? If you decide you would do things differently, how do you think that would change the ending?

3 A new law says that no one has to wear clothes if they don’t want to (presumably in the warm weather). Do you wear clothes? How do you feel seeing so many people naked?

4 Invent a new word for something that really needs a special word.

5 Make a list of some goals that you would like to achieve in 2021. Keep them realistic (you may want to read up about SMART goals to help you).  Add tick boxes so you can tick them off when you achieve them. Make a note in your diary/planner/journal to check back at the end of the year.

6 If you could give a million pound donation to a charity, which would it be and why? 

7 A time-traveller from the late 1800s has just appeared. He or she wants to know about living in today’s world. They can’t stay long, so what are you going to tell them about?

8 Think of a hobby or subject that you are interested in. Search for it on Pinterest.  Write about the things you found. What did you click to read? What did you learn?

9 Design a new signature for yourself. It could be a practical everyday one… or a fancy one.

10 Create two characters who are total opposites.

11 Write about one small area of your house, flat, garden etc that you really want to tidy or reorganise. Describe what you want to do and (ideally) go do it! 

12  Write about your favourite animal. How long have you liked them, why? Use lots of descriptive words and have fun.

13 What time do you go to bed, and why? What time do you get up? Are these the times you would LIKE to do so?

14 What are you currently wearing? Do you like it and why or why not?

15 Find a song in a language that you don’t understand.  Write down some misheard lyrics – what do you think they COULD be saying, in English? Don’t let too much logic get in the way of enjoying this!

16 Write about a typical trip to your local supermarket (or other shop). Where is it, how do you get there, what does it look like, are there things you always buy?

17 How do you define “art”?

18 Ask someone to name a celebrity, an animal, a place and an emotion (don’t tell them why!) Then write a short story including these elements.

19 Take the chance to explain a misunderstanding or mistake you have made sometime in the past.

20 Think back to a particularly memorable birthday. What made it so memorable?

21 Write about the games you played in the playground and with your friend when you were a child.

22 Find a photo in a magazine, print one from online or use junk mail.  Stick the picture on your journal page then draw more of the scene… what is outside the frame of the photo.

23 What is your favourite game.. It could be a computer game, a board game, or a childhood game.

24 List 10 things that make you smile

25 Without looking, draw a sketch of the buttons on your tv remote control.

26 Draw a Japanese daruma doll (google it). Underneath it, write down a goal you hope to achieve within the next few months.  Colour one eye on the daruma… when you achieve the goal you colour in the other eye.

27 What is a big mystery in your life, family or local area?

28 They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but can you describe a picture you have taken in, say 100 words?

29 Try writing a short poem today, about how you are feeling right now. It doesn’t have to rhyme (unless you want it to). If you prefer, you could just list words to describe how you feel right now. You could describe a different day if you think that how you feel today is a bit uninteresting.

30 Imagine you own a robot. What can it do for you? 

31 Write about why you bought THIS journal and how you feel about it now

Download the PDF Here

Download a printable version of the January daily quotes for easy reference.

The prompts will also be issued daily on the Tin_Teddy Twitter.

And here are links to the November Daily Journal Prompts and December Daily Journal Prompts.

January Tin Teddy Daily Journal Prompts – Happy New Year
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