Here are the Tin Teddy Daily Journal Prompts for the month of June 2021 . There is a printable PDF version available too.

Tin Teddy Daily Journal Prompts - June

Please feel free to interpret them as loosely as you like – or change, rearrange or ignore them too.

It is up to you how much or little you write each day – it may vary.

I have tried to keep the prompts positive and optimistic. Some will hopefully bring back happy memories, some give you insights into yourself, some help you shape your dreams and goals, some encourage mindfulness and peace and others will stretch your imagination.

I will be doing the challenge myself and will put up some of my entries on Instagram.

Use hashtag #tinteddyjournal to post your own daily journaling – but please don’t feel you need to share what you write with anyone! The journaling is for your own benefit, but if you want to share, then please do.

1 Imagine you have just won a million bucks!  What are you going to spend it on?  You can choose whether to be practical about this or just go wild!

2 What is your favourite colour? Was it the same when you were a child?

3 Write a Top Ten of places you would like to visit one day  – and why.

4 Try writing down the plot of your favourite movie. Think of as many details as you can, including quotes and imagery.  It might be fun to then watch it and see how much you forgot!

5 Set yourself a small goal today – and write what you are going to do to achieve it. If you don’t know about SMART goals, search first to find out.

6 Find a few bugs, insects or other creatures (or plants) in your garden or neighbourhood.  Sketch or photograph them then try to identify them when you get home. Journal your discoveries.

7 Stick some pictures in your journal today. Use magazines, flyers or print some.  You can decorate or write around them if you like.

8 Think of 10 things you are really good at. Do you make the most of these things?

9  Interview someone! Choose a friend or family member, write a few questions in advance then visit them, ring them, email them or message them for your interview. Maybe interview them about something from the past, how they feel about a subject, their favourite types of things or about a subject you know they are interested in.  It is up to you whether you do it in a casual way or pretend to be a news reporter. 

10 Write about a treasured possession, where you got it, why you love it etc

11 Think about a recent bad day, or bad event.  Think of everything positive about it that you can.

12  Watch an art tutorial video on YouTube and try to create the project. Choose something you have the materials or tools for, of course.  Doodle drawing, Zentangle and sketching ones are good for most people as they require only a pen and paper.  Write about your experiences, what did you learn, what couldn’t you do, what would you improve on?

13  Do you have a “type”? If so, describe them. If not, just describe what traits you like (or dislike) in other people.

14 Look up the lyrics to a song that you like, but are not really sure of the words to. Write them in your journal. Is this what you have been singing? Does knowing the words properly now change how you feel about the song?

15 Think of a country, about which you know very little.  Now go read a bit about the country.  What did you discover that you hadn’t realised, or that surprises you?

16 Write a review of a book, movie, podcast or piece of music.  You could add pictures or illustrations.

17 Find out about the history and manufacture of a product you use regularly, such as tea, coffee, wine, your car, your jeans, your tv – write about what you found out, and what surprised you.

18 Do one or more quizzes today. There are loads, on every subject, on YouTube or numerous websites. Note in your journal what quizzes you have tried, and what scores you got.

19 Search online to find some celebrities, or people from history who share your birthday.  Write what you think you have in common with each.

20  List the various jobs you have had. If you haven’t had any, or only had one or two, list some of the jobs you dreamed of doing as a child – did you want to be a rock star?

21  What would you hate to give up? Have you ever tried? What could you easily give up if asked.

22 You have committed a dreadful crime and are to be executed in the morning, yelp.  What do you request for your last meal (let’s assume you will still have an appetite!)

23 Are there any things in your life that you take too seriously – or not seriously enough.

24.Draw lines.  See how many types of lines you can do. They can be straight or wriggly, simple or embellished. Use multiple colours if you like. Just make each line different to the others.

25 Make a list of your favourite movies in different genres, such as rom-com, horror, thriller, fantasy and so on. Write a little about why you chose each “winner”.

26 In Victorian times, diary writers sometimes wrote in two directions to keep a page secret.  Write something personal, secret or extra special on a page in your journal. Now turn the page 45 or 90 degrees and write over the top of your original writing. You can do it one more time if you think it is still too readable. If you feel it is still too readable, and very sensitive, finish off by painting over it with opaque paint or sticking some paper on top.  Or rip it out.

27 Write about the jewelry you are wearing, or which you wear when you go out. What has special meanings to you? If you don’t wear jewellery, write about clothes that mean something to you instead.

28 Remember a trip you took in the past. Write about the journey. 

29 Explore somewhere new today, then write about it.  If you can’t get out to do this, explore online with Google Maps.

30 Look up the sign of the zodiac, Chinese year, birthstone and birth flower for your own birthday and a few friends and family.  Do you think any of them mean anything, or are useful?

Download the PDF Here

Download a printable version of the June daily quotes for easy reference.

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