Review of Tonic Nuvo Creative Pens - Alcohol Markers

Regular readers of the Tin Teddy Blog will know that I rather like alcohol markers.

I have examples of many brands, but one of my favourites is the Tonic Nuvo Creative Alcohol Marker range.Tonic Nuvo Markers Packaging

This particular brand has been out a couple of years now.  They are sold in sets of 3 pens from a particular colour family.  This makes it very easy to build up a collection of pens that blend well together.


Tonic Nuvo Markers

There are 35 available colours, plus a clear blending pen.  Three of the pens are metallics.

Whilst 35 may not seem like a lot of pens compared to some of the other ranges, who have 100 or more, with a full set of Tonic Nuvo pens one would be able to colour most images comfortably.

Buying them in themed packs of 3 markers means it is very easy to create blends and shading. Ideal for anyone who is new to alcohol marker colouring.

Tonic Nuvo Pens Ends

The colours are each numbered.  The numbering system is a little unusual and I have to admit that I can’t see the logic in it.  All the pens are numbered between 377 and 505.

The trio of markers that comes in each set will have numbering that is close together, with darker colours having higher numbers within the trio.

The sticky labels on the caps seem to represent the colours very well – certainly a lot better than some brands do!  I have not had any issues with grabbing the colours I want.

Comparing Tonic Nuvo Markers to Other Popular Brands

So how do they compare to the many other marker brands out there?

Value for Money

They cost around £4.50-£5 for a pack of three, which is about £1.60 per marker.  This makes them (here in the UK) cheaper than Copics and AlteNew pens, but slightly more on average than Spectrum Noirs, Paperchase markers and a number of other “bargain brands”.

They are not refillable.

The ones that I have seem to be lasting very well and the nibs are sturdy.  I have had problems with some cheaper brands having either very scratchy nibs or the nibs fuzzing up over time.  The Tonic Nuvo nibs are smooth and reliable.

The Nibs

The Tonic Nuvo markers have, like most alcohol markers, two nibs.  One is a medium firm bullet nib and the other is a wide chisel nib.

The following images show the Tonic Nuvo nibs compared to some of the other popular marker brands.

Tonic Nuvo Pens - Fine Nibs
Tonic Nuvo Markers – comparing the small nib
Tonic Nuvo Pens - Broad Nibs
Tonic Nuvo Markers – comparing the chisel nib

Ergonomic Design of Tonic Nuvo Marker Barrels

The reason I love these pens so much is they are very comfortable to hold and use.

The barrels are oval (so they will not roll off the table) and taper towards the small nib end.

Tonic Nuvo Pens Barrels

They sit nicely in the hand, are very well balanced and just feel very natural – especially compared to some of the more awkward shaped markers such as the old, square Spectrum Noirs.

The two ends of the pens are quite different.  This makes it very easy to know which end is which – something that can be a problem with some brands.  This feature really makes them a pleasure to use.

Tonic Nuvo Pens - Using one

The pens are slightly shorter than a Copic Sketch and indeed, most markers, though only by a bit.  They fit happily in my various alcohol marker cases – click to see my reviews of them.

ArtBin Super Satchel
Meeden Professional Marker Case
ToGood Storage Tote Bag

The Tonic Nuvo lids click on firmly but are easy to remove. I have not yet had any leaking or “spitting” when removing the lids.

Tonic Nuvo Pens - Length

Blending and Using with Other Markers

Most of the packs that I have tried blend very well and offer three logical colours.  They blend nicely together.  They have only the very lightest of alcohol aromas and I can not smell this when using them.

In my experience, all alcohol markers will work well with other brands.  The Tonic Nuvo markers are no exception.  I regularly use them with my Spectrum Noirs, Copics and other brands.  They blend happily with all of them.

Tonic Nuvo Pens - Back of Packet

Summary of Tonic Nuvo Creative Alcohol Markers

For me, the outstanding feature of these attractive looking markers is how nice they are to actually use.   They won’t roll off the table, it is super easy to see which end is which and they are so very comfortable to hold, even for long colouring sessions.

The range of colours is great and there are some really nice colours that I use on a regular basis. The gingery brown colour number 461 is one of my personal favourites.

They are good value for money and feel like quality pens.

Links to Tonic Nuvo Creative Pens on Amazon

Here are some links to the products mentioned on (top) and (bottom). If you buy from any of these links, I may receive a small commission from the shop for sending custom their way. This is at no cost to yourself. Thank you.

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Tonic Nuvo Creative Alcohol Markers – A Review
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