After 32 popular episodes, I put the Craft Seller Success Podcast on hiatus in July 2019.

Since then a lot has happened, in the world at large, and here at Tin Teddy.

I have had a lot of people asking me if I would consider making more episodes of the podcast. There are topics I said I was going to cover, and lots of new suggestions.

I find myself very busy with my own craft selling business. And the podcast was taking a LOT of time to produce each episode. Which is why I had to stop.

But a friend made a rather good suggestion to me. “How about doing more podcasts, but not having a specific schedule, and doing some shorter ones?”

I suppose I had assumed that I must do the podcast on a frequent, regular schedule for it to work. But she has a good point. Even though there has been no new episodes for over a year, new listeners are finding the podcast every day. They listen to back issues, out of order.

So here is my plan…

I WILL be making more podcasts!

Some will still be the in-depth type that I was making before. Each being around 30 minutes in length. Others will be shorter, 5 to 20 minutes long.

And they will not have a regular schedule. I HOPE to do one a month or so, but it will not be fixed. I will do them as and when I can.

As before, there will always be full transcripts of each episode, right here on the Tin Teddy Blog. And, as before, all new and previous episodes will be available here, on Podbean, Apple Itunes , Google Podcasts and various other podcast sites.

I would also like to look into doing some interviews with craft sellers and people who work in the craft selling world. I will put out a post about this once I have worked out exactly how it would work.

I am currently working on the next/new episode of the Craft Seller Success Podcast, and have a bunch of future episodes in various stages of creation. And I am feeling excited to be doing this again. I really love it, even if it was making me stressed before.

So, please stay tuned. If you would like to subscribe to one of the Podcast services, you will get news of each episode when it comes out. Or you could subscribe to the blog here, and you will again get to know when new episodes are available.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to the podcast in the past, liked and followed and messaged me with ideas and kind words. You are all very much appreciated.

New Episodes of the Craft Seller Success Podcast Coming Soon!
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