Tin Teddy Die Cuts - New Lines April 2022

I have recently added some new lines to my busy Tin Teddy Die Cuts shop on Etsy.

The titles and pictures are links to the products.

Felt Swan Embellishments

First up are the beautiful felt swans. These are perfect for use on wedding or anniversary cards. They have optional little gold-coloured crowns. With the crowns in place, they make perfect “princess swans”, which would be great for birthday cards.

Whilst the default is one swan facing in each direction, you can of course request your own swans to face all one way if you prefer.

They are white with yellow-orange beaks, like Mute Swans, but I would be happy to make black versions, or any other colours, if required.

Felt Cow Embellishments

Another creature that can be seen in the British countryside is the friendly Friesian cow. And here is an extra cute, felt version.

Sold in packs of two, the cows look very cute on greetings cards, scrapbook pages and more. I am planning on stitching one to a bag I am knitting for a little girl.

Choose from a white cow with black patches, or a white cow with brown patches. Or maybe you prefer one of each.

You can of course request custom colours. I bet a light blue cow with dark blue patches would look very sweet.

Tiny Foam Cogs, Nuts, and Bolt Head Die Cuts

Steampunk is a very popular theme for card makers and crafters. The mix of Victorian style, amazing inventions, steam power and futuristic ideas is fascinating and fun.

The new Tin Teddy Tiny Cogs, Nuts, and Bolt Heads aren’t just for steampunk projects though. They are the perfect addition for Father’s Day cards, birthday cards, to decorate picture frames, on tags and much, much more.

Cut from quality foam, they are very lightweight and easy to use. They won’t weigh down a card that you want to send through the post.

Light grey foam looks like metal cogs, or perhaps you prefer the brown for a steampunky “rusty” look. Or maybe you want simple black silhouette style. Or a mixture of all three!

And, of course, you can choose any of my usual foam colours for your order if you prefer. Pink cogs anyone?

They are very tiny. But great things come in small packages! So they are perfect for use in shaker cards, on tags and Artist Trading Cards! Plus, they are sold in lots of 130 die cuts – so you get plenty to play with!

Foam Tool Die Cuts

These little foam woodworking and decorating tools are just the thing to add to a card for the DIY enthusiast in your life. Or maybe someone you know has just moved house? Or are you looking to make a suitable Father’s Day card for a tool-mad chap?

With 33 tools in each order, you will have plenty to go around. There are 11 different types of tool, including three sizes of screwdrivers.

I am happy to cut specific tools only if requested.

Going on previous products’ sales, I suspect most people will want all black tools, or an assortment of bright colours. So those are easy-to-pick options. But you can, of course, choose your own selection of colours if you prefer.

As with all my listings, there are pictures of the tools laying in my (average woman’s size) hand, against rulers that show both inches and cms, and more. The sizes are also given in the listing. I want you to be sure you are getting the right die cuts for your project.

Fire Engine, Truck, and Taxi Die Cuts

The final new line I want to tell you about today is the little foam taxis, trucks and fire engines.

A regular customer asked me if I could offer some small foam vehicles, to use on party items for her truck-mad son’s birthday.

You can choose to have all one type of vehicle, or all three. And of course you get to select colours, though, to make it quick and easy when ordering, I have options for All Black, Mixed Bright colours and “Common” which is red fire trucks, yellow taxi cabs and light green dump trucks.

They are reversible, so you can have vehicles brooming all over your projects!

Foam can be easily coloured with felt pens, so you can add extra details to the die cuts for even more fun.

There are over 100 different die cuts now available in the Tin Teddy Die Cuts Shop . With more to come in the near future.

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