Title – A Little Course in Crochet
Publisher – Dorling Kindersley Limited – Penguin Random House
ISBN – 978-1-4093-7215-8

I have been crocheting for quite a few years now, and have tackled all sorts of different projects. But as I am self-taught I realised there may well be basic techniques, tips and useful crochet stitches that I do not know about. In fact there are probably rather a lot!CrochetCourse1

And so when I saw this nice little book. A Little Course in Crochet, on sale, I decided that it would be worth investing in to improve my crochet skills and knowledge.


In was not disappointed. This is an attractive, well illustrated book that is full of useful information as well as very nice projects to try out your new found skills.

Each of the three chapters introduces key techniques then has a handful of projects to make that utilize those and previously learned skills. The techniques are clearly explained with annotated photos that are very easy to understand. Dorling Kindersley are famous for their beautifully illustrated books and this is up to their usual standards.CrochetCourse7

The book starts off with the very basics, making it eminently suitable for total crochet beginners. At the end of chapter one you will be able to make washcloths, a phone cover, a cafetiere cosy, towel edging and cool friendship bracelets. You will also be able to adapt your skills and the patterns to make many other types of item too.



Chapter two moves on to crocheting flat circles (very useful for many types of projects, including amigurumi). There is  lots of info on creating the ever-popular and extremely versatile granny squares. There is also a stitch gallery with fun new stitches to try. At the end of this chapter there are 9 nice projects: a set of coasters, a round cushion, a baby’s blanket, toy balls, a chevron cushion, a baby’s hat, a project basket (very nice!), a bookmark and a clutch bag. Again you will be able to adapt these patterns quite easily if you want.

The first item I made from this book was the string bag (as pictured above).  My mother uses it for her shopping and keeps nagging me to make another 🙂

I have now made a few different items from this book. The patterns are clear and easy to follow, but the results are really nice.  They don’t feel like “beginner’s crochet” at all.


The third chapter again has many useful techniques to expand your crocheting skills. There is also another stitch gallery with fancy stitches and motif patterns. The third cluster of projects are: a ribbed scarf, a string bag, a lacy scarf, a tote bag, a patchwork blanket, a baby’s cardigan, a teddy bear and baby’s shoes. CrochetCourse5

Summary of A Little Course in Crochet

All the patterns are nice and clear with closeups of different elements. Explanations of any bits that might be new or tricky for you and handy tip boxes.CrochetCourse4

This would be an ideal book for a beginner to crochet. It also is the ideal reference book for the more experienced crocheter who wants a refresher, to fill in the gaps or simply likes the nice included patterns. The book is very low priced, so worth it just for the projects, in my opinion.


This is a medium sized, thick book, 22cm x 17cm (8.5″ x 6.75″) in size. It has 192 pages. It would be a good size to slip into your craft bag for on-the-go reference. CrochetCourse2

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If you would like a free pattern, ideal for beginners, check out my Crocheted Headphone Pouch pattern.  It is quick and easy to make, and the pouches sell well at craft fairs too.

These links lead to A Little Course in Crochet on Amazon.com (left) and Amazon.co.uk(right). If you purchase it from these links then I would get a small commission from Amazon for sending custom their way (at no extra cost to you!)


A Little Course in Crochet from Dorling Kindersley – Crochet Book Review
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