Tin Teddy Easy Crochet Headphone Pouch PatternToday I am going to share my pattern for a simple, but useful, little crocheted pouch – ideal to store headphones when on the go.

This is a simple pattern, suitable for beginners.  You just need to know how to do the basic stitches.

There is lots of scope to change and personalise this pattern.  It looks very different when worked in different colours.  I particularly like making it in stripes.

These are very quick to crochet and require very little yarn.  They would be ideal to sell at craft fairs or as stocking fillers.

You Will Need

  • double knitting or worstead yarn – less than 25gr
  • 4mm crochet hook (US size 6)
  • stitch marker or scrap of different coloured yarn to mark the start of rows


dc = double crochet (single crochet in American)
inc = increase by doing two stitches in the next stitch
sl st = slip stitch
htc = half treble crochet ( half double crochet in American)
tc = treble crochet (double crochet in American)

Base of the Pouch

Start with a Magic Loop – or chain 4 and join the last to the first to make a small loop if you prefer

Row 1 – dc 6 times into the loop – 6 stitches.  If using a magic loop, pull it up tight.
Row 2 – 2dc in each stitch – 12 stitches
Row 3 – (dc, inc) 6 times – 18 stitches
Row 4 – (dc, dc, inc) 6 times – 24 stitches

If you want to make the bag bigger, repeat row 4, adding one more dc in each repeat of the brackets. So row 4 has 2 dcs then the inc. The next row would have 3 dcs and then an inc, and so on.  This way you could create any size of pouch or bag you want!

If you want the bag to have a flat bottom, work the next row into just the back loops of each stitch.
This gives an optional little ridge around the base of the bag.

If you want the bag to have a more rounded bottom, work the next row into the full stitch as usual.

Use a stitch marker to help you know when you are at the end of each row.  If you are crocheting stripes, you will not need to worry about this.

Rows 5 & 6 – chain 1, dc in each stitch, sl st to complete the round
Rows 7-9 – chain 2, tc in each stitches, sl st to complete the round
Repeat row 9 if you want to make the pouch taller

Row 10 – Chain 3, miss a stitch, tc in the next stitch, (ch 1, miss stitch, tc in next stitch) to end
This creates the loops for the cord

Row 11 – (dc, htc, tc, htc, dc) in each loop from row 10, to create a scalloped edge. If you prefer a straight edge, just do 2 dc or 3 dc in each loop instead (3 dc will result in a more ruffled looking edge).

The red and green pouch in the pictures has 3 dc in each loop, and the other two have the scalloped edge.

Darn in the end.


Crocheting the main body

To make the drawstring, I take two strands of yarn and twist them around and around until they start to double back on themselves.  I let this happen, resulting in a nice twisted thread.

You could also chain stitch the drawstring, use ribbon or contrasting cords or even insert some elastic instead.

Just weave the drawstring in and out of the large holes created in row 10.

You could add beads or charms to the ends of the drawstring for a funky look.

You can mix and match different stitches for each row of the bag. I have used 2 rows of dcs then 3 rows of tcs. Tcs work up faster!

Use varigated yarn for a super easy patterned effect.

Crochet this pouch with thicker wool and a bigger hook for a bigger pouch.

The finished pouch is ideal to store headphones in – no more losing them in the bottom of your bag!  You could also use it for coins, memory sticks, gaming dice and many other little things.

Tin Teddy Headphone Pouch - Lots of uses
There are lots of things you can store in your finished pouches.

Fancy a bit more of a challenge? I also have a popular free pattern for some Crocheted Shamrock Earrings.

If you would like to know more about crocheting, I recommend the book “A Little Course in Crochet” by Dorling Kindersley.  Click the title to read my illustrated review, here on the Tin Teddy Blog.

IMPORTANT – please don’t copy the pattern to sell or give away.  Give your friends a link to this page if they want the pattern.  You can of course sell the pouches you make with the pattern!

If you would like some hints and tips on selling crafts, check out the Craft Seller Success Podcast. You can listen to the episodes, or read the full transcripts, here on the Tin Teddy Blog.

Easy Crocheted Headphone Pouch Pattern
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