Title – 100 Pretty Little Projects
Author – various

Publisher – Lark Crafts , New York
ISBN – 9781600595769



This is a thick little book which caught my eye because it had so many projects for the price – and it is always nice to get a bargain, isn’t it?

The book contains instructions for a large range of stitched items, most of which would be suitable for a beginner.TTPrettyLittleProjects3

The projects range from simple stitching, through more complex 3d shapes to freehand embroidery. Most would be easily customizable if you wanted to embellish or change them.

There really is a bit of everything in here. Cushions, cases, pots, wall hangings, toys, oven gloves, pin cushions, napkin holders, bags of all sorts and much more.

Although a sewing machine would of course speed things up, especially for the larger projects such as cushions, these items could also be hand-stitched.

Most of the included templates and patterns will need enlarging before use. Conveniently they are right at the back of the book, and so you can easily lay it flat on a scanner or photocopier for this purpose. I have been very frustrated with other books where it is nigh on impossible to copy the templates without breaking the spine. Not a problem here 🙂

Modern designs with a vintage feel…

The designs are modern and most have a charming vintage feel to them – these would lend themselves very well to using recycled fabrics.


Most of the designs are smaller items and would be ideal to make as gifts or for fund-raising ventures.

Each of the 100 projects has a handy checklist of supplies, colour photographs and clear illustrations. The instructions are split into numbered paragraphs and are very easy to follow. Full marks for clarity here 🙂

Measurements are in inches, as this an American book, but as the majority of modern crafters seem to use inches this should not be a problem for anyone outside of the USA.

Excellent value for money..

This book was previously published as a series of little bTTPrettyLittleProjects2ooks but the new handy all-in-one format is easier to handle and excellent value for money.

A great book if you are looking for gift ideas or ways to use up scraps. The sheer number of patterns and variety of ideas gives this book a long lasting appeal. Definitely recommended 🙂


This link – “100 Pretty Little Projects” leads to the item on Amazon.co.uk. If you purchase it from this link then I would get a small commission from Amazon for sending custom their way.



Craft Book Review – “100 Pretty Little Projects” by Lark Crafts
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