Happy New Year!

As 2013 rolls to a close I am looking back on the year and feeling very proud at how much Tin Teddy has grown this past year.

Although ill health slowed me down a little in the last few weeks (hence the lack of blog posts, sorry), I have enjoyed creating more than ever this year.

So what does the New Year hold for Tin Teddy, you might ask?

I also have a VERY long to-do list of ideas for new graphics and paper sets.

HappyNewYearTinTeddyMy talented son has created a fantastic little theme tune for me and I am working on a series of YouTube based video tutorials. I hope to be able to pass on lots of hints, tips and ideas for a variety of crafting projects – many including Tin Teddy graphics, of course 🙂

I am also considering a third Etsy shop (yes, I know I am a sucker for making work for myself, hehe). This one would be to sell the physical items that I create. I think it is best to keep them separate from the graphics shop (digital images) and the vintage one (vintage and antique prints). I am currently considering whether I can make enough stock to warrant a shop and doing a bit of market research into which of the crafts I practice would be best for this.

A big thank you to everyone who has contacted me this year. I love to hear your thoughts about the blog (and my products, of course) and am always very happy to receive requests for new content. I am so glad that you are enjoying my articles and finding them useful 🙂

And a massive thank you to all my wonderful customers. I am so lucky that digital graphics and dog print buyers seem to be the nicest people you can get! I love hearing about the projects you do with my graphics, especially all the innovative and imaginative uses you find! And a big thank you to the people who have bought vintage dog prints from Tin Teddy Vintage, and sent me pictures of your own dogs. I love animals and really enjoy seeing so many beautiful pets.

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year and thank you again,


Happy New Year from Tin Teddy
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