Patchwork quilts have been a cozy bedroom staple for centuries, and it is wonderful that we can still get beautiful hand made quilts today.

This month’s featured Etsy Shop is HandmadeByElaine33.

Elaine lives in a little house in historic Nottingham, England, nestled in beautiful Sherwood Forest (yes, the one that Robin Hood was nestled in too). From here she produces stunning patchwork quilts featuring traditional piecing patterns, environmentally friendly wadding, hand stitching and exciting mixtures of fabric designs.

What really sets Elaine’s creations apart is her amazing wealth of inspiration and influence from all over the world.

Digging up inspiration all over the worldTTHandemadeByElaine33Pic2

Working as an archaeologist gives Elaine exciting opportunities to travel the globe, discovering a world of inspiration, colour and design. As she says “Each and every place I’ve ever been has left its mark, indelibly, on my soul, and that rich and vibrant source of inspiration shines through in everything I create.

I particularly like her Japanese inspired quilts. Utilizing a delicious mix of Japanese fabrics and elements from folk tales and art, these quilts are real showstoppers. I love how they also have that desirable old-fashioned feel that gives quilts such charm.

Find the quilt that calls to you

Elaine’s beautiful shop on Etsy features a range of her quilts, which she makes to order. Her listings give lots of information on the inspiration behind each quilt, how they are made and details of the quality materials she uses.

Mixing machine sewing for strength and hand stitching for details, Elaine creates each quilt herself – and of course this means every quilt is unique. These will become true heirlooms to hand down through the generations.

Unique fabrics for unique creations

Elaine also has a large range of beautiful hand dyed cotton fat quarters for those of you who like to make your own fabric creations. They are pre-washed and ready for use, and come with full care instructions, a very nice touch.


Elaine is happy to ship all over the world and accepts Paypal, credit cards (via Etsy’s secure Direct Checkout) and Etsy gift cards.

All pictures on this page are copyright © Elaine @ HandmadeByElaine33 and used with her permission.

Link to HandmadeByElaine33 on Etsy

TTHandmadebyElaine33Pic4My quilts are influenced and inspired not only by my travels all over the world, but also by my passion for history. Inspiration comes in all forms … from my epic road trip along the original Route 66 (up to my neck in ’50s Americana kitsch!) to my travels by bullet train across Japan (where ancient culture and architecture meet hi-tech neon glitz) to excavating a roman town in distinctly Eastern-Bloc Bulgaria … it all works through my brain to influence my quilting choices!

Etsy Shop – Beautiful quilts from HandmadeByElaine33
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