I hope you are all keeping well.  Right now it is a very scary and difficult time for so many of us, with the corona virus still spreading.

Here in the UK we are in “lock down” with people working from home where they can, and only going out for essentials etc.

Although the post office here is still functioning, they have advised me that there are some issues with the post getting through, and the Parcel Force service that deals with bigger parcels is having significant problems right now (due to large numbers of staff being ill or self-isolating right now).

Tin Teddy Die Cuts and Antique Dog Prints

Therefore I have closed my two physical product shops, Tin Teddy Die Cuts and Antique Dog Prints – both on Etsy – until the sitution improves… which, I am sure, we all hope will be soon.

My digital shop, Tin Teddy, on Etsy is still open and will remain so as long as Etsy is functioning.

Tin Teddy Standalone Shop

You may remember that I built a standalone shop, as part of this website, but had to close it when I was having issues with the web host’s server.

I have since rebuilt the shop and was just stocking it, ready to open again.  I will continue to stock up the digital products only for now, and hope to have it open in a few weeks.  The physical items will not be listed until after the pandemic, as for the Etsy physical shops, of course.

My Thoughts and Best Wishes to You All

I  know that many of you, who sell your craft products, will also be closing your shops, or having to operate under reduced or dificult circumstances.  *hugs*

Others of you may be stuck at home and unable to go out to work. This may be offering you extra time to craft – whether finishing projects, starting new ones or even learning new crafts.  Right now, crafting may be one of the things that keeps us occupied and sane.

I am going to write an article to publish soon with some ideas for crafters who are stuck at home, I hope this will be of use to some of you.

If any one is feeling lonely, please don’t hesitate to contact me – I am always happy to chat about crafts.

My best wishes to you all, I hope you stay well and that these difficult times pass soon.

My apologies that this post is not very coherent.  I found it very hard to put things into words today.

*biggest virtual hug (because that is totally safe!)*



Tin Teddy – Two Shops Closed And Other News

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