What Can I Do with Tin Teddy Clip Art?

Maybe you have just bought some Tin Teddy clip art, or have had some for a while, and are looking for ideas of what to do with it.  Here are some of the things I have done myself with Tin Teddy clip art.

I would love to know what projects you have created… let me know in the comments.

1 – Use a single picture as the centerpiece of a home-made card, or make a small grouping of a couple of characters or images.  You can use printed paper as a background, or make your own with inking and other techniques.  For some images you will not need any background.. so quick and easy!

Card using Tin Teddy Christmas Elves Clip Art
A cute easel card using an image from the Tin Teddy Christmas Elves Clip Art

2 – Decoupage!  Its easy and gives a great 3d effect – and many Tin Teddy clip art images are perfect for decoupaging!  In particular the cartoon style characters lend themselves particularly well to this style of crafting as they have bold outlines and are easier to cut out.

Here is a video tutorial to make a decoupage card using Tin Teddy clip art.

3 – Use a set of images to customise a child’s bedroom. Got a son who is into dinosaurs? You could paste big pictures from the Tin Teddy Dinosaurs Clip Art set on to the wall, or frame some. Add smaller versions to the outsides of storage boxes, magazine files or even to decorate wardarobes and cupboards.

4 – Print a set of images once the right way around, then flip them in your graphics program and print again -in reverse. Cut them all out and glue matching pairs together, back to back, with a piece of thread sandwiched between – you now have the beginnings of a fun mobile

5 – Use them on physical items to sell at a craft fair or bizarre.  Please read my policies first, but basically, as long as they are used on PHYSICAL products, you will have loads of options for cool products.

Pixie Dust featuring Tin Teddy Images
Bottles of Pixie Dust (glitter) with an image from the Tin Teddy Seasons Pixies Clip Art

6 – Some images, like the Tin Teddy Skeletons, are great for adding a bit of individuality to notices or signs. This is why I made sure I included some who were pointing!

7 – Use them on stationery, invitations and journals.  There are so many paper-based projects that a Tin Teddy Clip Art image may enhance.  Below is a picture of the custom dividers I made for my planner.  They feature the Tin Teddy Fuzzy Gonks Clip Art, and the Tin Teddy Basic Chevrons Printable Digital Papers.

Planner dividers featuring Tin Teddy artwork

8 – Artist Trading Cards!  These are little pieces of art, measuring just 3.5″ x 2.5″. They are quick and fun to make and you can use Tin Teddy clip art to complete your designs.

If you would like to know more about “What are Artist Trading Cards?”, just click the link to read my article.

The picture below shows a set of 4 artist trading cards made using images from the Tin Teddy Little Pirate Clip Art set.

Artist Trading Cards using Little Pirate clip art

9 – Print a few images on to magnetic paper for some fun fridge magnets. These make great stocking fillers or as little ‘extras’ for popping into a birthday card – or even mounted on the front of the card! Bonus!

10 – Don’t forget you can shrink images down with your graphics package, or even directly with your printer software – and make tiny pictures for use in jewelry, badge-making or for doll’s house pictures.


Have fun trying out some of these ideas!

10 Things to Do With Tin Teddy Clipart
10 Things to Do With Tin Teddy Clipart

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