If you enjoy making home-made cards and little gifts then you may find yourself looking for occasions to send one!

If you have a small family then there may not be enough birthdays, anniversaries and new babies to satisfy your urge to create new cards.

So here are thirty ideas for times when you can send a home-made card – I hope some are of use :

Occasions for a card or little gift

  1. Congratulations you passed the test
  2. Baby shower – gift for baby
  3. Baby shower –gift for mum and dad
  4. To bring you luck
  5. I have just had super good luck and want to share itTin Teddy Hound Dogs Clip Art
  6. I am going to miss you
  7. We were all in it together
  8. I am glad to have you back
  9. Thank you for being there for me
  10. Simply.. I love you
  11. You are special
  12. Thank you for teaching me
  13. I appreciate your help
  14. Thank you for looking after me
  15. Thank you for looking after my cat/dog/penguin
  16. Good luck in your new job
  17. Enjoy your retirement
  18. Get well soon
  19. Glad you are on the mend
  20. Welcome home!
  21. Good luck at university
  22. Bon voyage
  23. Here’s my new address
  24. Congratulations on reaching your goal!
  25. Good luck with your driving test
  26. Good luck in your new home
  27. Happy retirement
  28. Welcome to the neighborhood
  29. Congratulations on your new dog/cat/gerbil
  30. Thank you for the present you bought me


On what other occasions do you send a card?

Thirty Excuses to Send a Card
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