Mindfulness Colouring and Adult Colouring Books

Adult Colouring Books and Mindfulness

It is very striking to see how many adult colouring books are available for sale right now. My local newsagents have many titles (of varying qualities), and online shopping sites such as Amazon have many thousands of options available. Colouring

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Just Doodle – creating doodle art for fun and relaxation – Zentangle and beyond

Just Doodle - creating doodle art for fun and relaxation

Enjoying the many types of doodle art. I do enjoy a good doodle. Always have. No doubt always will. I doodled a lot as a child (often on things that I wasn’t really supposed to be doodling on), and still

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Make it, Blog it, Profit! – New book for craft sellers, Now Available

Out Now! You have read that having a blog will help you sell the handmade items in your online store. You created a blog, or are about to, but have hit a stumbling block. What on earth should you actually

About Etsy Rank – a Useful Site for Etsy Sellers

About Etsy Rank - a useful site for Etsy sellers

Starting out on Etsy can seem very much an uphill struggle, and every day there is more competition to contend with. Etsy Rank is a very useful free-to-use website that can help even the most experienced sellers polish their shop.

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Cheap and Simple Stamp Storage Video

Over the years I have tried many different ways to store my rather large collection of stamps. I have put them in drawers, and albums. I have stuck them on sheets and hung them on racks. But I was just

Etsy Shop Critique and Review – now available

After a lot of preparation and research I am finally able to offer the Tin Teddy Etsy Shop Critique and Review for Etsy shop owners. I will look over your shop in detail, looking at all areas including your product

Summer Crafting at Doncaster 2015 – Show Report

Doncaster Craft Fair

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to go to the big Summer Crafting show at Doncaster Racecourse in Yorkshire, England. My mother and I went with a local craft group who had spare seats on their mini-bus. It took just over

6 Easy Ways to Improve your Craft Stall

6 Easy Ways to Improve your Craft Stall

Here are six simple ways you can improve a craft stall and increase your chances of making lots of sales. 1 – Clear, branded signage Many people dislike having to ask the price of something. So ensuring that your items

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An Ode to Etsy SEO

Let’s talk about that subject, dear friend, It’s a scary one, oh, yes I know, Some call it bad, and some call it mad, And some call it just S.E.O.   But it really need not be so daunting, Let’s

My Crafty New Year’s Resolutions 2015

A Happy New Year to you all! As is the tradition, I have made myself a list of 6 Crafty New Year’s Resolutions for my arts and crafts. Yes, I also have another list with the usual resolutions about being