New Create and Craft Disney Range – Yesterday, the tv shopping channel, Create and Craft, proudly released the first parts of their new Disney crafting products. There are dies, stamps, embossing folders, paper pads and even themed die-cutting machines. The first two sets available are Vintage Mickey Mouse and the ever popular Frozen.

However viewers did not greet the new range with quite the enthusiasm that Create and Craft may have wished for.

The products are rather pricey, compared to other popular dies etc. They have been made by Tattered Lace, who are one of the more expensive die brands, but the asking price caused many C&C viewers to post on Facebook that they were shocked. The bundles on offer went up to a staggering £1000 package for “everything on the show”. To get all the products for either cartoon theme you would need to spend £221.81 or £199.63 for members of their club.

Create and Craft Disney - Frozen collection

The Angel Policy for the Create and Craft Disney Range

One of the reasons that viewers were upset at the price was the Angel Policy added to the listings on Create and Craft’s website. As one would expect, Disney do not allow crafters to sell finished items made with these dies because the characters are trademarked. Disney has a very stiff criteria list if you want permission to use their characters commercially. Using them without permission is illegal, therefore a very serious matter.

Create and Craft Disney - Angel Policy

Many viewers posted on Create and Craft’s Facebook page to say how disappointed they were at the high prices. Especially as they could only use the products for personal use.

Tattered Lace’s Facebook page had the following message:

At no point during the day’s many Create and Craft Disney tv shows promoting these products did presenters Stephanie Weightman and Mel Heaton mention the Angel Policy. I personally would have assumed that there would have been a statement about it on the screen at all times, as it is so very important. But nothing was said… at all.

And then in the late afternoon things got interesting…

The following announcement was posted on the company’s Facebook page:

Quickly followed by a confirmation post from Stephanie herself.

The same post was added to the Tattered Lace Facebook page as well.

Confusion and Surprise

Immediately confused viewers began to express their surprise at this turnabout.

If Create and Craft really had the rights to allow their customers to sell Disney products, would they not be shouting this from the highest mountains?

Usually, obtaining the right to sell products with Disney characters on requires the seller to comply with a pretty stringent set of criteria – Details of Disney licensing requirements here

How could it possibly be the case that ” individuals are free to do what ever they want with then finished hand made craft products, this includes selling them”?

So if I want to launch a range of Mickey Mouse themed bondage gear? Disney are definitely not going to be ok with that. Any usage rights they did grant would be subject to usage restrictions. Disney do not want people using their characters in ways that are inappropriate to the family-friendly image they work so hard to maintain.

Potential Create and Craft Disney customers urgently need to know exactly what the situation is here. Can they sell the items they make with these dies? And if so, what limitation are there on this?

A couple of people have today posted on Facebook that they emailed Create and Craft to ask about this. Their replies included the following:

Please be advised that the Disney Craft products are for personal use only. Share the magic of Disney by Crafting with and for, family and friends.

I have emailed Create and Craft myself to ask them to confirm the Angel Policy, and am awaiting a reply.

In the mean time there are no further Create and Craft Disney shows scheduled today. The next one is at 10am tomorrow morning.

If you are considering buying these dies, I would strongly suggest assuming for now that they are for personal use only, just in case.

UPDATE – 11 July 2016

Create and Craft have now changed their Angel Policy for these products to personal use only. Link to my follow on post with this story –Create and Craft Disney Range – Angel Policy Now says Personal Use Only

Update – 23 May 2019

Despite the bad publicity over the Disney usage policy, Create and Craft appear to have done the same thing again with the Care Bears range from SplashCrafts.  Read my article on how viewers were told one thing… but the trademark owners are saying something rather different.

Care Bears craft products at Create and Craft

Create and Craft Disney Range – Serious confusion over usage
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3 thoughts on “Create and Craft Disney Range – Serious confusion over usage

  • 14 December, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    I am furious about this as when I bought the first ones it stated 200 a year could be made and sold. I have bought loads of these collections and wasn’t aware that it had changed as it has never been announced until now that it is strictly for personal use. I wont be buying any more of these collections because of the way customers have been misled. Major error by create and craft. I am not a happy customer as now have most of the collections and can only use them for family so have no idea how I am going to use them all. Wont be buying again as do not like to be misled in this way during and after purchase. I think we should have been offered a chance of full refund of all items bought if still unopened as they were mis-sold. wonder what the law says on this!

    • 14 December, 2017 at 3:40 pm

      So glad I found this post; I was about to indulge in a purchase of one of the latest sets – certainly not all of them! – but no way would I buy them just for ‘family and friends’ – its frankly ridiculous. I would ask your trading standards officer about the position – it certainly sounds like serious mis-selling to me and unless it is rectified, there are going to be hundreds – if not thousands – of unhappy customers out there with products they can never see a return on. Try every avenue you can – even consult a lawyer if necessary – to try to reclaim your cash!

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