This is an update to my post of 27 June about the confusion over Create and Craft’s usage policy/s for their new range of Disney themed dies, stamps and papers.

Many Create and Craft customers had expressed confusion over the repeated declarations that one could sell cards and other items made using the Disney dies. This seemed very surprising to many crafters who are familiar with Disney’s usual strict usage restrictions on their trademarked characters.

I received a reply to the email I sent Create and Craft repeating the standard Create and Craft Angel Policy (that one could sell up to 200 items a year etc). I then had a phone call from a lady in the customer service department. She assured me that Stephanie Weightman had spent six months negotiating this “amazing deal”. I did ask why Stephanie had not been singing it from the rooftops from the first tv showing (at which point the C&C website was saying “personal use only”). The customer service lady said that there had been “a confusion” but they were a big company and knew what they were doing. She again and again said that one could definitely sell up to 200 items per year using each Disney Create and Craft product. She also reminded me that C&C have lawyers and would never issue usage policies like this unless they were very sure.

Today I popped onto the Create and Craft website to have a look at what the Angel Policy said now (just out of curiosity). The extra Angel Policy tabs are not gone from the listings and instead there is a link at the bottom of the description leading to Create & Craft’s standard Angel Policy page. Link to Create & Craft’s Angel Policy

Update on 11th July

On 11 July they added the following Exception Note (screen shot below):

Date: 11th July 2016 – Disney branded craft products sold by Create and Craft.

“Disney has granted the rights to various third parties to design, develop, manufacture and sell a range of craft products for consumers; licensed craft products are intended for use by consumers for personal and family enjoyment, such as making gifts for family, birthdays or other private celebrations. Licensed products may not be used by consumers to sell or distribute any items they produce using the craft products outside of the private, family sphere.”


Now it says what so many of us had expected it to have said all along: that Disney have confirmed that the dies are for personal use only. Commercial use (ie selling things made with them) is indeed forbidden.

There is a new announcement on Facebook pointing to the new policy, but not apologizing for the significant confusion.

Many C&C Facebook fans have expressed feelings of anger and sadness that they were encouraged to buy these high-priced products with reassurances that were not in fact accurate.

Link to my original post on this subject – Create and Craft Disney Range – Serious confusion over usage

Disney Create and Craft Range – Angel Policy Now says Personal Use Only
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3 thoughts on “Disney Create and Craft Range – Angel Policy Now says Personal Use Only

  • 16 August, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    So how can you obtain a license from Disney to sell handcrafted cards made with Disney dies

    • 17 August, 2017 at 3:11 pm

      They would need to see what you intended to make and approve each individual item so the only way is to contact them directly. I know that they require at least 5 years of trading, and usually upwards of $100,000 in yearly sales.

  • 4 February, 2024 at 10:20 am

    My partner thought they had changed there policy also,I have a cheap stencil that looks like Disney font,I cannot even use this if I was to sell my products, So I refuse to use it now,even though I do not sell my products, as I think if they relax it a little bit would be better than not been able to do anything except create,disney is greedy!


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