It is very striking to see how many adult colouring books are available for sale right now. My local newsagents have many titles (of varying qualities), and online shopping sites such as Amazon have many thousands of options available.

My mum enjoys colouring geometric patterns.

Colouring is considered to have many benefits, especially in today’s busy world. The act of colouring is calming and relaxing. I try to do a little colouring every day and find it really does help me. Often I colour when on the phone waiting for people to answer (those dreadful automated systems that companies insist on having now). I also like to colour whilst listening to audiobooks or radio plays.

Adult colouring books
These are my two favourite adult colouring books. There are Amazon links at the bottom of this blog post.

My father died last year and for a while I found it very hard to sleep. I would colour and it helped me get through that very difficult time. My mother did the same and has often said that her colouring books really helped her cope.

Colouring a printed “digi stamp” with alcohol markers. Stamp is from the Tin Teddy Victorian Fashion Stamps & Collage Sheets.

There are many economical colouring books available now, in every shape, size and subject. I recommend checking that the paper quality is going to be good enough for the type of colouring tools you wish to use. Coloured pencils will be fine of lower quality, rougher papers. Felt pens need sturdier paper or the colours will bleed. Some pens, such as alcohol markers, require heavier paper or the ink will just seep through to the other side.

The “Mindfulness Companion” colouring book has relaxing exercises as well as beautiful images.

For colouring in books you don’t need expensive tools to get a good result. I colour in my adult colouring books with cheap felt pens, glittery gel pens, assorted coloured pencils and even children’s crayons. I keep my “good pens” for colouring images that I will probably use later on other projects.

Millie Marotta’s images are very detailed. I use my Stabilo Point 88 pens in this book.

I particularly like my Stabilo Point 88 felt pens for colouring as they are economical to buy but give great results. They are also very fine tipped and I like colouring tiny, intricate designs the most.

Assorted stamped images, coloured with alcohol markers and ready for future use.

I enjoy stamping images on to high density white card (Neenah card from Crafter’s Companion) then colouring then with alcohol markers. I store them in a folder for future use on greetings cards and Artist Trading Cards.

Colouring a larger stamped image of a rose.

Here are links to some of the products featured in this article.  If you buy from these links, I will get a small commission from Amazon for sending a customer their way.  This will be at no extra cost to you.  Thank you.

Adult Coloring Books and Products on

Adult Colouring Books and Products on

Mindfulness Colouring and Adult Colouring Books
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