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From the moment a new baby comes into the world it is important to stimulate his or her senses, especially the visual sense as this is the last to fully develop.

Today’s Etsy Shop Feature is about the charming Montessori Edited. In this lovely shop, Edit Rimóczi sells her stimulating (and beautiful) mobile kits for babies,

“Babies have to practice coordinating their eyes, how to focus and move them accurately. This is the first step in the long process of understanding the world around them. By learning how to use the visual information that the brain receives, they will prepare the way to use this stimulation to reach and then later to try to grab,” explains Edit on her fascinating website,

Edit is a qualified Montessori guide, and a mother, as well as a talented crafter. She put all these skills together to come up with her popular mobile kits. Utilizing tried and tested Montessori principles and a good eye for the aesthetic, Edit’s mobiles make great gifts for new babies, or your own little ones.

Montessori mobiles not only help stimulate the important development of your child’s senses, they are also calming and aesthetically pleasing.

Smooth, geometric shapes, natural woods, colour gradients and tactile crochet are combined into the mobiles.  There are whales, butterflies and swallows for the older babies to enjoy.

Edit has a range of great kits, containing an assortment of Montessori elements. You get to enjoy creating a beautiful mobile and your baby enjoys and benefits from it afterwards.

Her many glowing reviews detail how thrilled customers are with their purchases.

Here is the DIY Montessori Crochet Mobile Set for newborns and babies.  You can choose from seven different colour schemes.

You will find lots of geometric shapes included and you can add more complex shapes to the kit as your baby grows.  

There are full instructions included, and you can also choose whether you would like them in English or Hungarian.

The website, and Edit’s YouTube channel provide more information and videos to help you create the perfect stimulatory mobile for your little one.

The mobiles are mostly made of natural, sustainable products and the packaging is recycled or biodegradable, so you can help preserve the planet for your child’s future too.

Edit’s website includes lots of great articles on different aspects of babies’ development and the Montessori methods, as well as practical advice on getting the most out of your Montessori Edited mobile. There are also useful articles on preparing for a new baby and setting up the perfect environment for the new arrival.

She also has a YouTube channel – Edit Rimoczi-Hughes where you can see the mobiles in action and how to create your own unique mobile using her handy kits.

Check out Edit’s shop – Montessori Edited on Etsy
And her website –
Edit’s YouTube Channel – Edit Rimoczi-Hughes

All images are copyright of Edit Rimoczi-Hughes and used here with her permission.

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Etsy Shop Feature – Beautiful Mobiles for Babies by Montessori Edited
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