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My mother has been saying for quite a while that she really wants her own bead loom.  She has admired mine (review of my Ultimate Bead Loom here) and wondering what to buy for herself.

Then I spotted the Style Me Up! Xloom for a bargain price and bought it for her, hoping it would be ok, even if only so she could play until getting a better one.

Well, despite the X-Loom being marketed as a child’s toy loom, it is a fully functioning bead loom – and a rather good one at that.

The back of the XLoom box
The back of the box

The XLoom is very sturdy feeling. Although it is made of plastic, it looks quite smart and keeps the threads taut and workable.  It is a lot sturdier than many bead looms aimed at adult crafters!

It is ideal for weaving bracelets although wider pieces could also be made, such as panels.

The warp threads are held in grooves on the end pieces, then knotted under the end cap, which keeps everything safe and taut.

XLoom endcaps
The end caps that hold the threads in place

The XLoom is extendable

The XLoom can be folded up into a small area for transport or storage.  If you are working on a longer bracelet you can easily expand the warp length of the loom by pulling out the ends.

The Xloom folds up small
The XLoom can be folded up small for transport or storage


The XLoom extends easily
The XLoom extends easily

Great Instruction Booklet

The XLoom comes with a very good instruction booklet.  This includes details on how to warp up the loom, how to bead on it and how to finish your creations neatly.  There are some patterns included to get you started too.  It is nice and clear with colour diagrams and multi-language text.

XLoom instructions
There is a very good instruction booklet included

The ends of the loom are where the warp threads are held steady and evenly spaced for weaving.  The XLoom has a clever feature whereby the ends are reversable, offering two sizes of thread guides.  This makes it easier to use big or small beads on the same loom.

You could also easily use the loom for weaving yarn and fibres too.

Thread guides for the X Loom
Two sized of thread guides

The XLoom comes with various accessories to get you bead looming right away.  There is both thin polyester thread and some thicker cords.  A packet of end caps for finishing bracelets and some buttons.  There are needles and a needle threader too.  And of course there are some beads.  These are rather pretty and will enable the XLoom owner to create some pretty bracelets and other items.

The accessories that come with the X Loom
Here are the accessories that come with the XLoom


Although this is designed and marketed as a toy, the XLoom is a fully functioning, rather versatile beading loom.  Its ability to expand, having two sizes of thread guides and being very sturdy all add up to a rather pleasant beading experience.

My mother is very happy with her XLoom and has no plans to buy another loom.  She has made lots of bracelets now, and is enjoying designing new ones.

Some simple bracelets made with the X Loom
Some simple bracelets, made on the XLoom with the included beads.

The Style Me Up! XLoom on and

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If you are looking for a bigger loom, my personal favourite is the Ultimate Bead Loom by Peak Dale.  I have had mine for five years now, and am very impressed with it.  To read my illustrated review, click here – The Ultimate Bead Loom Review.

Style Me Up XLoom Review – A review of this Bead Loom

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  • 10 November, 2018 at 1:46 am

    My loom was purchased second hand but had no instruction book with it. I was wondering where I might get a copy and where to get additional supplies. Thank you for your time


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