Just a quick post to let my followers know that I haven’t disappeared! The past few weeks have been particularly busy with Halloween and Christmas orders, planning some new projects, and family matters.


I am proud to announce that the Tin Teddy digital graphics shop on Etsy has just passed 4,000 sales! A big thank you to all my lovely customers.

Another thank you to those who have sent me pictures of the projects they have made with their Tin Teddy graphics and die cuts. I really love seeing these.

The Season is Nearly Upon Us

I have restocked the Antique Dog Prints shop on Etsy, so there are lots of breeds to choose from. These vintage and antique prints make great presents for a wide range of recipients. As well as dog prints, there are horses, birds and wildlife too.

The Tin Teddy Die Cuts shop on Etsy has a wide range of Halloween and Christmas lines. The cute little Christmas Tomtes (gnomes) are proving popular again this year, and I hope to have some additional versions available very soon.

Other Tin Teddy News

I have a new phone, so should be able to post on social media again. I stopped because my old phone was very unreliable (and slow) and it is not always convenient to use the main computer for this. I will get organised and hope to be posting again soon.

Plans are still afoot for a standalone website in the near future. There is an issue with my website hosing provider (which some of you may have seen if you tried to get to this blog on a Firefox browser. There is nothing wrong with my SSL, the blog IS secure. But for some reason, visitors on Firefox browsers are seeing security warnings. I hope to have this sorted soon, as it is clearly a big issue. My apologies for any worries caused.

Quick News Update Post

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