Hi, Happy New Year to you all.

Again I must apologise for the lack of blog posts of late. Hopefully things will be back to normal in the Tin Teddy Blog in the very near future. I am currently working hard on my posting schedule and preparing new and exciting content for you!

There will be lots of new reviews of crafting books and products. All reviews are of things that I actually own myself. I aim to give honest, detailed reviews and to help crafters decide whether a book or product is right for them.

The Craft Seller Success Podcast is still attracting lots of listeners. I am considering doing some new episodes this year. I had to stop because it was really just taking too long to research, script, record and edit each episode. But I know that many people have enjoyed them, and I have had lots of folks asking for more – so this is something I am indeed looking into.

I have a new camera and laptop and am hoping to product some new YouTube content this year. I am planning on doing some short crafty videos, each concentrating on one little crafty technique. More to come on this.

Since I was a little girl (far too many moons ago!) I have loved designing and making clothes for my dolls. I now have a large collection of sewing, knitting and crochet patterns that I have created over the years. I would like to get these properly drafted up and offer them for sale. I am still trying to decide whether to do this through my existing digital Etsy shop, or whether to create a new one just for this. I will also be looking in to offering some of my custom dolls for sale later in the year.

And finally, I have a number of blog posts planned to help craft sellers on Etsy and elsewhere. I know these are some of my most popular posts, and I have been squirrelling away lots of ideas for new articles.

What’s Coming in 2022?

The last couple of years have been, not to put too fine a point on it, pretty weird! There were three major product lines that I was planning to introduce to the Tin Teddy Die Cuts store, but put on ice during the quarantines and lockdowns. With things returning to normal now (let’s hope it lasts!) I am planning to bring them out this year instead.

Want some clues?

  • One is mostly summer themed, though can be Christmassy or Halloweeny too
  • One is designed for planners and journals, but book readers will love them as well
  • And one is going to be the highlight of a scrapbook, journal or planner page – or a greeting card!
  • And that is all I will say right now, hehe. So stay tuned for the big reveals later in the year!

Thank You

May I this opportunity to thank all my wonderful customers for my three Etsy shops. I have loved talking with many of you, and really appreciate the pictures, stories and updates you have sent me. It makes me so happy to know you are enjoying your Tin Teddy products. Thank you so much for shopping from me.

New Year – Latest Tin Teddy News

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