Like many businesses, my websites and Etsy shops are analyzed by Google Analytics so I can find out things like what countries visitors come from, how long they stay on particular pages and whether some pages are being ignored or even have broken links.


This morning I checked my Tin Teddy Etsy shop Google Analytics and got a big surprise.

When looking at the ‘Real Time’ figures, which shows who is looking at the site right now, only to discover that 41 people from the International Space Station were checking out my graphics!


Sadly this is just an April Fools prank by the guys at Google, and the Etsy forums are a-buzz with other shop keepers who were also getting excited at the thought of such exotic visitors.

Thanks for the giggle, Google 🙂

The Daily Caller discusses Googles naughty little April Fool’s Day jokes...

Most Exciting Visitors to Tin Teddy Shop…….
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