My Etsy shop has been invaded by monsters!


It is just as well they are very cute and harmless ones.

There are 12 toy monsters with their funny little faces and happy grins. They have nice bold outlines so are perfect for decoupage. And wouldn’t they make a cute additional to a birthday card?

They would work well for those birthday party bits and pieces too. You have the invitations, place cards, table mats and even the wrapping paper covered (see what I did there?) when you apply these happy little fellows.

Each monster is a nice large 2000 x 2000 pixels and 300 dpi. So they are plenty large enough to print out and frame, or reduce them as much as you like.


The second lot are close relatives.. but made of fabric. There is one made from velvet, one from a piece of carpet, another is made out of dad’s old shirt. There is even a puffy little quilted chap.

Tin Teddy Little Monsters Clip Art

Tin Teddy Plushy Monsters Clip Art

Monsters! But not the scary sort…

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