Just Lounging Around…

On Tuesdays there is what is usually referred to as ‘the junk market’ in my nearby town. This rather rude name is unfortunate, but there certainly is an odd selection of stalls. I think it is officially called the ‘Tuesday Antiques Market’.

I had a look at the books stalls, I do like second hand books. Then wandered around the few stalls with toys, always hopeful to find a nice doll 🙂


No dolls today, but I did find a very nice jewelry box in the shape of a rather elegant chaise longue.

I will probably re-upholster it, the fabric is faded and has a bit more bling than i would like.

It is not very old, and was probably mass-produced abroad. It is wooden with little metal feet. The covering is a silky pink fabric with very beaded and sequined net for the blingy bits. The back is covered in a matching pink velour type fabric.



Here is my Takara Jenny doll lounging casually on the couch. She is a similar size to a Barbie doll. I look forward to dressing a few of my girls up in their finest and posing them for a few photos. But I may wait until I re-cover the poor couch, it is a bit tatty in places

As it was only £2.50 I feel I got a nice little bargain for the day. Plus I can store tiny accessories inside too!


Elegant couch – bargain of the day…

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