Signo Gel Pens by Uniball

One of my favourite pens for journalling and doodling are the lovely Signo Gel Pens by Uni-ball, in particular the ‘Sparkling Colours’ set.

These are medium sized gel pens, perfect for writing and doodling. They have ‘click shut’ lids, that stay on (for some reason many other gel pen lids fall off easily) and the usual little hooks to clip onto pockets etc.

The pens are such a joy to use. They glide on smoothly and leave a clear, bold .65 mm thick line. The colours sparkle and look very attractive. I love to use them on top of background papers, they show up very well because of the sparkle.

These pens are fantastic for use on dark backgrounds, offering many possibilities for interesting effects.  They can be used this way for a glittery “chalk writing” effect too.

The ink is waterproof and fadeproof. They last very well, and are, in my opinion, excellent value for money.

Delicious colours

The pack contains 8 delicious colours.Signo Gel Pens from Uniball

  • Silver
  • Violet
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Red

You can also purchase the colours individually at stationers or from Amazon.

Signo gel pens are also available in Standard, Metallic and Pastel colours. I have the metallic ones and they are also lovely to use.

The gold and silver pens are particularly handy for writing on gift tags and cards – especially if you want to write on black or other dark colours.

Where to buy Signo Gel Pens

I purchased mine from my local Sainsburys. You can find Signo pens in most stationery and craft shops.

These links are to the Signo Gel Pens on (left) and (right).  The packaging has changed a little but they are the same pens.    If you purchase from these links I will get a small commission for sending custom their way – at no extra cost to yourself.  Thank you.


For more about colouring and how it can help you relax, check out my article Mindfulness Colouring and Adult Colouring Books.

For everyday (non sparkly!) writing in my planner and journals I use the Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens.

Craft Product Review – Signo Gel Pens by Uni-ball – Sparkling Colours
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