Super Scary Crochet ReviewTitle – Super Scary Crochet
Author – Nicki Trench
Publisher – Cico Books
ISBN – 978-1-907563-54-6

For Tin Teddy Shriek Week I am reviewing the fun crochet book “Super Scary Crochet” by Nicki Trench.

Well, this is definitely a crochet book with a difference. It gives instructions to make a collection of little amigurumi style animals and people… but these are the most twisted, freaky, downright weird crochet toys I have ever seen.superscarycrochet1


The crocheted characters

There are 35 different characters in the book, and what weird and wonderful ones they are!

As well as the more conventional “halloween characters” such as witches, vampires, zombies and devils there are also some very unusual designs.

Oddities include a headless horseman, and his horse, a shrunken head (called Shaun), Colin the Cannibal Cockerel and poor Bubbles, the little white rabbit who has been viciously stabbed with a.. carrot.SuperScaryCroche6

Who’s Who of Super-Scary Crochet

Queen Lucy of the Vampires
Pocket Ghost
Baby Jane and Blanche
Mr Alien
Mrs Alien
Severus the Shark
Dominic the Vampire
Herman the Headless Horseman
Redeye – his horse
Yohan the Invisible Man
Bernard BigFoot
Walter the Werewolf
Witchy Woo
Lucifer the Witch’s cat
Derek the DevilSuperScaryCroche5
Tink the Three Headed Dog
Mr Pumpkin Head
Bubbles in Trouble
Colin the Cannibal Cockerel
Natty the Batty
Murderous Mental Mary
Possessed Penelope
Doctor Death
Piercing Phyllis
Payne the Goth Girl
Frankenstein’s Youngster
Nobby the Dead Rocker
Tomatoes from the ‘Hood
Spider Web Bunting
Willy the Wiley Wolf
Cynthia the Spider Bag
Las Vegas Cross Necklace
Shaun the Shrunken Head

Each character has a short “back story”, and nice clear instructions. Some require scraps of fabric for clothing or beads for eyes.

I like that the abbreviations for the crochet stitches are included for each set of instructions, very convenient.


How to do it

The last section of the book contains clear instructions and diagrams on how to do the various crochet stitches required to make the characters. This is pretty traditional in crochet books, and this particular example is very clear and easy to follow. I would assume though that anyone buying this book had a bit of crochet experience under their belt already as many of the characters and their components are quite small and fiddly.


Summary of Super Scary Crochet

These little characters would make great gifts for adults or older teens, especially those who love weird and freaky things!

Many of the characters could be easily adapted by an experienced crocheter. The headless horseman’s horse could quickly become a unicorn. Nobby, the dead rocker, could be made to resemble your favourite musician (alive or dead). It would be easy to mix and match elements and accessories from the various people to make other characters.

Having so many patterns, and variation options, this book is excellent value for money. As long as you are into the super-scary style, of course. And now I am going to go crochet up Mr Pumpkin Head as he will look adorable sitting in my craft room.



A book of similar, scary crochet amigurumi patterns, is Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden.  Click the words to go to my review of this book.

Links to Super Scary Crochet on Amazon

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Craft Book Review – Super Scary Crochet
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