Two new sets of graphics added to my Tin Teddy Etsy shop today, some collage sheets and a pack of cute clip art.


Tin Teddy Baby Blocks Collage Sheets

First up is a set of one inch square Baby Blocks, in five different coloured collage sheets.

Designed with scrapbookers and card makers in mind, these are ideal for spelling out names and special events as titles on your scrapbook pages – and are just as handy on those new baby, christening and early birthday cards.

* Handy hint – print them out at 50% size for cute little tiles.


Tin Teddy Ezzie and Frankie Clip Art

The second set is twelve cute images of a slightly spooky (but mainly just cute) little couple.

Here is Ezzie, a small podgy witch with a big smile and a happy-go-lucky view of life. Her best friend is Frankie, a little green skinned monster who like nothing more than to dance the night away!

The images are 2000 pixels high (they vary in width) and 300 dpi, so you can print them nice and large if you want.

As well as being perfect for all those halloween projects you could also use this cute little pair on children’s birthday cards.

* Handy hint – their clear cartoony outlines mean they are excellent for decoupaging.

Baby blocks and little monsters

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