Let’s talk about that subject, dear friend,
It’s a scary one, oh, yes I know,
Some call it bad, and some call it mad,
And some call it just S.E.O.


But it really need not be so daunting,
Let’s forget your early fails,
Learn some stuff, then sure enough
It will help you get those sales.


You need to think of key phrases,
That are searched for all around,
To go in tags, they serve as flags
That help your things get found.


Remember to be quite literal,
“What is this thing?” you should ask.
It is not a “pretty” nor just a “kitty”,
But it is an “orange cat mask”.


People rarely search for single words,
So don’t use them, it’s a waste!
Short phrases will, work harder still
And get you found with far more haste.


Pop those phrases in your titles too,
Etsy will know just what you’re selling,
You will be at the start, of the search result part,
If a tag and the title are gelling.


Then finally pop those key phrases
In your description as well, that’s the way,
So that Google can find your items (how kind!)
And you will get sales from off Etsy, Hurray!


So if a person wanted a hand knitted bag
In cotton, a nice shade of blue,
If you have “blue cotton bag”, in title, listing and tag,
Then they may end up buying from you!

© 2015 Deborah Richardson

For a “plain English” explanation of how Etsy SEO works, check out episode 30 of the Craft Seller Success Podcast – Etsy Seo – Tags and More – Getting Found on Etsy. You can listen to the podcast or read the full transcript.

Check out the Tin Teddy Top Ten Etsy Tagging Tips post for more information on Etsy SEO.

An Ode to Etsy SEO
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