It is traditional to come up with some New Year’s Resolutions to serve as goals for the coming year.

As well as the ‘traditional’ ones (lose weight, be more organized etc etc) I decided to make a few craft related ones too this year.
I wonder how many of you would come up with similar ones. I would love to hear what you think of these, and your own ones.


  1. Keep my supplies organized!
    Yes, I always mean to ensure everything goes in its proper place, but over time things, well, drift. I have sudden flurries of activity when I label up boxes and move things around, but for some reason it rarely stays that way for long. But this year…
  2. Don’t buy supplies unless I have a project for them.
    Well, we all know this won’t happen 🙂 There are always tempting things that I am totally sure I will NEED one day and HAVE to buy. Then they sit on my shelf for ages,
  3. Never cut paper with my fabric scissors!
    I have been quite good with this one in 2012, so I am quite confident I can manage to continue. But I do need to not use my embroidery scissors for decoupage.. I do have decoupage scissors, I have no excuse for this.
  4. Finish projects before starting new ones.Yeah, right, this is another one that is going to be a struggle, hehe. I have started trying to do more smaller projects so that I get finished before spotting another ‘must do’ one. I am also trying to concentrate on making things I actually need rather than just fancy making for the sake of it 🙂
  5. Make a case for my knitting needles
    My crochet hooks are now nicely housed in a pretty pencil case, but my knitting needle collection seems to have grown and no longer fits in the vintage knitting needle box it previously lived in. When I say ‘vintage’, I mean a bright yellow plastic box from the 1980s, not something beautiful and desirable. So all in all a new case needs making. I have plenty of fabric so no excuse not to design a custom one which is big enough for all the needles, cable needles, stitch holders and other related pointy things.
  6. Do more of the crafts I have neglectedTin Teddy Lady in HatOk, the real problem here is I do too many crafts. I lost a lot of confidence in some of my crafting and concentrated on just a couple. But now I am enjoying getting back to painting, tatting and patchwork. I have a nice notebook and am keeping lists of idea of things to design or make.
  7. Try some new techniqies
    I have bought a few classes from Craftsy, and some new books on crafting (Amazon is a great source for cheap secondhand books!) and am looking forward to a bit of experimentation and discovery in the New Year (I have already started this). I like learning new techniques and then incorporating them into new projects.
  8. Do another craft stall!
    My mother and I had a little stall at a local even this December. I used regular craft stalls, many years ago, but had not done one for quite a few years. I printed out lots of my Tin Teddy graphics to make into bottle cap necklaces, and some as magnets. I also made paper beads from my papers and mum turned some of these into stunning earrings. And we had SUCH a hoot.
  9. Make more for the house
    It is so ‘on trend’ right now to have lots of crafty things around the house. And I DO like making things. So I really should make more things for my own little house. I have some cushion pads ready to make a couple of nice patchwork covers, and plenty of paint for sprucing up kitchen wear and boxes. I also have back-issues of craft magazines and great websites like Stumbleupon for inspiration.
  10. Make more tutorials!
    I do enjoy making video or webpage tutorials for various crafts, and have been thrilled at the positive feedback I have had from the ones I did this year. I have a nice long list of ideas so I am determined to get some of these up and available on my Tin Teddy website and Tin Teddy Videos YouTube channel.

    Why not comment and tell me your crafting
    New Year Resolutions?

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Crafters
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