Tin Teddy Die Cuts Paper Bag

If you have bought from the Tin Teddy Die Cuts shop, on Etsy, in the past 3 or 4 years, you will have received your order in a paper bag, with purple stripes.

The paper bag is there to keep your order together, and help protect it on its travels. But there is a reason why that bag looks the way it does. And I thought I would tell you what that reason is.

When I was a little girl, back in the 1970s, my little sister and I would go shopping in the town with our parents. If we had been REALLY good, we would get a “Bunker bag” from the local sweet shop.  This was a simple, striped paper bag, containing a few penny chews, a sticker or two, maybe temporary transfers or a mini comic. 

Getting a “Bunker bag” felt like such a treat. Especially as there was a family rule that you mustn’t open it until we got home.  So my sister and I would walk back, clutching our precious “bags of mystery”.   We knew the contents would be silly little things. But it was still unbelievably fun and exciting.

A couple of years ago, I found some paper bags that looked just like the Bunker bags.  And purple is my “corporate colour”.  I just had to get them.

So now, when anyone buys from Tin Teddy Die Cuts on Etsy, their purchases are in these little purple paper bags.  Sealed with a thank-you sticker.

And I hope that the recipient feels a little of the excitement that I had as a child when opening the bag.  Even though they, of course, already know what they ordered!

Why Do Tin Teddy Die Cuts come in a Stripy Paper Bag?
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