So who is this Elgyfu person then? You may see the name on various parts of thiswebsite. If you end up in the Second Life related area you definitely will.

In a (virtual) land, far, far, away …

On 25 November 2004 I created an account in the virtual world of Second Life and Elgyfu Wishbringer was born. I chose the surname Wishbringer because it seemed a positive sort of name and back then you had to choose from a small selection that continually changed. I later was informed I sounded like ‘a fairy prostitute’ – charming!

The picture at the top of the page is how my Second Life avatar looks now.

I will give a little history of Elgyfu in Second Life another time. In seven and a half years a LOT has happened to her! For now let’s just say that she set up a shop called Tin Teddy – selling textures, animals, plants, prefabs and Egyptian items for the residents to buy and use 🙂

She gets around…

I kept the Elgyfu Wishbringer name when I registered for various other virtual worlds:

Elgyfu in St Paul's Cathedral, Twinity
Elgyfu in St Paul’s Cathedral, Twinity

12 May 2007 – I hope to eventually make a few things to sell in IMVU but have to admit it is not really my cup of tea

17 November 2008 – Twinity, I have 2 appartments in this virtual Berlin world but until today when I checked my account was still there, I had not logged in for nearly 3 years!

9 September 2009 – I created an Elgyfu account in Blue Mars. Sadly I found this world rather lacking in things to do and people to talk to, so have rarely logged on there.

13 July 2010 – I open a Tin Teddy store in Inworldz selling my textures.  I closed this in 2016 when Inworldz was becoming very quiet.

31 January 2011 – In Avination I shared an island with Craig Altman from Bits & Bobs (Second Life’s best animator). We scrapped the island in the summer, sadly Avination is not a busy world. I still have my textures there, and can sell directly to people if they contact me.

2011 – Spoton3D – I don’t know the exact date and my profile says it is sometime in 1970! Since going to this world I have been naked, pure white and unable to dress or change this. Mind you, it is not embarassing as there is never anyone around there 🙁

So Elgyfu exists in many places, but is really only ‘active’ in Second Life now.

Oh yes, and Elgyfu is my middle name in real life.

Who on earth is Elgyfu?

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