Review of Tonic Nuvo Drops

I happily admit that I really love Tonic Nuvo Drops.

I had been using other brands of “drops” but found they often dried with little peaks.  The Tonic Drops settle very well and end up as lovely domed “pearls”.  Here is a close up of some quite large drops of English Mustard.

Tonic Nuvo Drops - English Mustard drops in close up

There are three types currently available:

  • Crystal Drops – opaque glossy drops that harden to look like enamel – 36 colours
  • Glitter Drops – slightly translucent with glitter embedded – 16 colours
  • Jewel Drops – harden to give a translucent dome –  8 colours

They are very economical to use. Each 30 ml/1 fluid oz bottle lasts ages and I have not yet had any issues with them drying up or clogging.

I have used a few other brands of drops and the Tonic Nuvo are definitely the best.  The end results are consistently smooth.

Here is a short video about the Tonic Nuvo Drops, with a few ideas on how to use them.

I have bought most of my Tonic Nuvo Drops from  They are excellent value for money.

Tonic Nuvo Drops on

Tonic Nuvo Drops Caribbean Ocean at    Tonic Nuvo Drops Copper Penny at    Tonic Nuvo Drops English Mustard at    Tonic Nuvo Drops Ruby Slippers at    Tonic Nuvo Drops Violet Galaxy at



Tonic Nuvo Drops – A Video Review
Tonic Nuvo Drops - A Video ReviewTonic Nuvo Drops - A Video Review
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