A huge thank you to all the customers of my Tin Teddy graphics shop on Etsy.

During the night I passed the big 1,000 sales mark, what a lovely thing to wake up to 🙂

The shop now has 52 different packs of digital papers, 52 packs of clip art images and 66 different digital collage sheets and other items. A grand total of 170 products.

May I also take this opportunity to thank those people who email me about this blog – I love hearing from you! It makes me feel very happy to know that so many of you have found my articles of use. I have a lot planned for the future, including more tutorials.

If you have any suggestions for new products for the shop, or things you would like me to cover in the blog, please do let me know.

A big thank you again to all my wonderful customers!

Tin Teddy 1000 Sales Character


Tin Teddy at Etsy: 1000 Sales – Thank you!

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