Handy Backgrounds for your Scrapbooks (and much more)

As a scrapbooker myself, I am very keen to create digital background papers that are really useful and versatile.

Good background papers should, in my opinion, be detailed enough to be interesting, simple enough not to overpower the items placed on top of them, able to help ‘set the scene’ and be useful for many different purposes so as to give lots of value for money.

With all this in mind, I created the three sets of ‘handy basics’ in my Tin Teddy Etsy store.

Beautiful Bricks

First up are the new Bricks Digital Papers – twenty different papers covering 4 styles of brick work and 5 types of bricks.

Just the thing for DIY and home improvement pages, as well as a whole host of outdoor themes. Pretend to graffiti one, cut holes with people peeping ‘through the wall’ or how about cutting around some of the bricks for an easy and interesting ‘falling down wall’ look? You could also cut strips to make pathways or drives.

Wizard Wicker

Next we have the popular Wicker and Woven Digital Papers. – 14 different wicker and woven effect papers in varying shades.

These have a great homely look and make a warm and friendly background for so many different scrapbook page themes. Their neutral, natural colours work well with so many colour schemes.

I also have used these papers to great success for covering boxes, magazine files and such items.

If you prefer a funkier look to your wicker, there is a set of Colourful Wicker Digital Papers (2 styles of wicker, each in 8 different colours, for a total of 24 sheets) available in my shop.

Wonderful Wood

And the classic Wooden Digital Papers – 12 realistic wood-effect papers.

This is one of the very first packs of digital papers that I created – made because I was struggling to find nice wooden papers in the shops. I have used these papers in my own projects so many times.

I like cutting them up to make little features for my scrapbook, such as fences, furniture, panels and signposts.

They are also so handy for covering cardboard boxes to make easy furniture for dolls.

All my digital papers come in US Letter, Standard A4 and 12″ x 12″ Scrapbook sizes. You will receive links to all three sizes so only need download the one/ones you will require.

And because they are digital you can print them out again and again and again….

Three handy scrapbook background sets from Tin Teddy

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