Some more ideas for storing your stash of scrapbooking and other crafting supplies.

Very tiny notions like buttons, sequins, beads and so on need secure storage, spilling them is a nightmare.
I use various things for mine including:

  • the little canisters from ‘non-digital’ camera films – ask in your local camera shop, they often have them
  • little rows of pots for storing daily pills make great safe holders
  • larger beads etc can be kept in an empty egg box, the shape of the ‘cones’ makes it easy to get them out again too
  • don’t discount little plastic bags for storage! The small self-sealing ones are great if you have a lot of stuff to separate and store safely
  • delicate beads and notions can be stored in little fabric bags. If you don’t have any or don’t fancy making some – old socks will do the job!
  • don’t throw away those little pots you get from the deli counter in your supermarket. A quick wash out and they are perfect
  • empty spice jars are great little storage pots too

Store your scrapbooks standing up on shelves. If you lay them down and stack them the various raised items inside will cause dents on adjacent pages – and you don’t really want dented photographs, do you?

Gather images and embellishments together and store in plastic or card wallets whilst waiting to make a scrapbook page or other project. You can add to the wallet until you have everything you need and get started on construction. Also, if you need to stop part way through the project, you can leave all the components in the wallet until you have time to continue – and they will be safe and stay together.

Storage, the perennial crafters’ problem – Part 2 – Scrapbook snippet no 8
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