Title – Sparkling Crochet
Author – Mitsuki Hoshi
Publisher – Harper Designs
ISBN – 978-0-06-234859-3

I couldn’t resist Sparkling Crochet, when I saw it. Such cute amigurumi! It is about 9 inches tall and 7 inches wide and has 72 pages.

Sparkling Crochet by Mitsuki Hoshi

The book includes patterns for 16 cute little crocheted animals and 3 little accessories.

Beautiful Pictures

The first half of the book is full-page, colour photos of each of the animals. The examples have been knitted with sparkly yarn, but of course, could be knitted with more usual yarns too. Specific yarn choices are not given.

Colour Instructions

There then follows a photo tutorial on how to make one of the animals, Earnest the Shiba Dog. This shows you what you need and step by step photo instructions of how to crochet the dog. The photos are close up and nice and clear. The other animals are based on similar principles so this section serves as a good tutorial for all the other designs too.

Crochet Charts

Next are the crochet charts themselves. There is not a written crochet pattern, instead, the book uses the Japanese style diagrams for each part. Some crocheters may not be familiar with these, but with a little practice would hopefully find them easy to use. Start with a small component to get the idea of how the charts work.


Crochet Chart Symbols

Finally, there is a short section that shows the symbol for each type of crochet stitch with a step-by-step series of diagrams to show how to make this stitch. Whilst a total beginner may not find this enough to learn to crochet, it is a clear, helpful guide for those with a little experience already.

Summary of Sparkling Crochet

Whilst this is a small book, the patterns are very adorable and lend themselves to experimenting and creating your own additional variations. The instructions are clear and would suit a new crocheter. One could easily create the animals on different scales by using thicker/thinner yarn and different hooks – a bit of experimentation would, of course, be needed.

A cute and fun book with really attractive designs that are difficult to resist.

These links lead to Sparkling Crochet on Amazon.com (left) and Amazon.co.uk (right).  If you purchase it from one of these links then I would get a small commission from Amazon for sending customers their way, at no extra cost to yourself. Thank you.


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Sparkling Crochet by Mitsuki Hoshi – Craft Book Review
Sparkling Crochet by Mitsuki Hoshi - Craft Book ReviewSparkling Crochet by Mitsuki Hoshi - Craft Book Review
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