Often crafting supplies sold for kids are great value alternatives for the budget-conscious adult too. Check out kid’s colouring pens and pencils, sticker packs, packs of craft paper and glittery embellishments. You may find things that are much cheaper than the same thing when bought from your usual craft supplier. Double check the kid’s aisle of your local supermarkets, they often have some great child-craft bargains that you can use. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone where you got them from 😉

I buy my PVA glue from Tesco, for example. It works great, and is in a very hand size pot, with a nice applicator. Perfect – and nearly half the price of a very similar item from a well-known craft supplier.

You can save quite a bit of money by buying some of your crafting essentials from an office supply shop rather than a craft one. Things like PVA glue, scissors, paper clips, staples, rulers, marker pens, pencils, erasers and so on are often much cheaper when sold for an office – and often available in bulk which works out even better value!

And don’t forget to keep an eye on local discount stores. They often have stationery, office supplies and crafting stuff – especially things aimed at children. I bought some super-cheap stickers and glittery embellishments last week for pennies. You can also often find handy crafting supplies like drinking straws, paper plates and cheap boxes to decorate, or use for storage. Definitely worth checking out now and then.

Scrapping on a budget Pt 1 – Scrapbook snippet no 4

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