A very easy tutorial on how to make an unusual pot with junk from around the house. Scroll down for the video version!

This is a really great way to recycle those glossy magazines and colourful leaflets.

The pot I am decorating here took less than one magazine to make.

I used a glue gun for speed. If you are making a decorated tin or plastic pot then you may need strong glue like this. If you are making a card pot then you can use PVA glue instead.




A pot or containerTTDecoratedPot2
Some glossy magazines
A pencil, knitting needle, skewer or similar
Glue – glue stick or PVA (for making tubes)
Glue – strong PVA or hot glue gun (for assembly)
Scrapbook paper


Tin Teddy butterflies
Other embellishments




Watch the video for a detailed walk-through 🙂

Here is a summary:

  • Choose a pot to decorate – you can use a card, plastic or tin pot
  • Tear out pages from glossy magazines
  • Roll a page around your pencil or knitting needle, from corner to corner
  • Glue approximately the last inch (3 cms)
  • Slide off the pencil/knitting needle and leave to dry
  • Glue the tubes around your pot with PVA or a glue gun
  • Trim the ends of the tubes so they are tidy
  • Add strips of pretty paper to the ends if you want
  • Add a coat of PVA glue or similar if you want to make your finished pot harder wearing
  • Add braid, cord or paper to neaten the ends of the tubes
  • Decorate with embellishments of your choice




You can do this project with any paper – newspaper looks great on a waste paper bin, and maps are very on trend right now

You could pieces of yarn between the tubes for a different look – or wrap very thin strips of paper around them before sticking them to the pot.
Paper straws could also be used – cheap, ready made tubes! Or even old pencils.
Cover the cardboard tube from inside a toilet roll, add a simple card base and you have a new holder for your pens.
It is easier to glue tubes halfway around the pot and then cut them to length, then repeat with the rest of the tubes – or trim them with a sharp knife rather than scissors
Make a Decorated Pot with Old Newspapers
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