I recently saw an extract from “Let’s Go Camping”, a crochet book by Kate Bruning, in a magazine. I fell in love.  A few days later I spotted it in a local bookstore and, of course, it came home with me.

Front Cover of Let's Go Camping - a crochet book by Kate Bruning. Book Review on Tin Teddy Blog

This is quite a small book (8″ x 6″ with 112 pages) but packed with great content.

The book features a wide range of camping related patterns to make small amigurumi-type toys, ideal for use with figures of Playmobil size.

Learn the Basics

The book begins with a section on the crochet techniques required (not many) with illustrated instructions for making the stitches.  This makes the book suitable for the beginner crocheter.  But do note that some of the toys are quite small so newer crafters might want to start with the bigger things until they get the hang of it.

There are also clear instructions for finishing the items and suggestions for what materials to use.

Stitch instructions from Let's Go Camping by Kate Bruning

The Camping Patterns

There are loads of patterns in this book because many of the bigger elements come with lots and lots of little accessories.

A crochet lakeside scene including cabin and sailboat, from Let's Go Camping by Kate Bruning

The patterns are as follows:

  • Tents with sleeping bags, picnic basket etc
  • Teepee with campfire and accessories
  • Caravan with a detailed interior (a mini dollshouse!!)
  • Ice cream van with accessories
  • Lakeside cabin with interior and accessories
  • Sailboats and canoes
  • Canal boat with interior and accessories
  • Trees, mountains, bushes and other scenic extras

Nice and Clear Instructions

The crochet instructions are clearly written. My copy has UK crochet instructions but the Amazon.com listing for this book says US instructions. I assume that you get the one that is right for the area from which you are buying the book.

I found following the instructions very simple. There are diagrams and lots of photos to help you further.

Most of the techniques required are pretty basic – like most amigurumi patterns.

Colourful Pictures

“Let’s Go Camping” is full of beautiful pictures. There are shots of the various “scenes” featured, as well a close ups of the accessories.  A friend, who doesn’t crochet, was entranced looking through the book.

There are also colour illustrations to show techniques, stitches and other details.

Cute crochet caravan pattern in Let's Go Camping by Kate Bruning

Do Your Own Thing

The book encourages you to use the yarns you already have, and to adapt the patterns to personalize your creations.  There are lots of patterns in this book that could be easily altered to create new items.  More experienced crocheters will get lots of inspiration!


Back of Let's Go Camping, a crochet book by Kate Bruning

Summary of Let’s Go Camping

This is a delightful crochet book with patterns that are great to make for children, or for adults who just like cute things (like me!).  You can add Playmobil or similar sized people if you wish (there are even some patterns for clothing for them!)

Kate Burning writes about her happy childhood memories camping, and how this inspired the book.  You can feel her love for both camping and crochet on every page.

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Below are links to Let’s Go Camping on both Amazon.co.uk (left) and Amazon.com (right).  If you buy after using these links, I will get a small commission from Amazon for sending custom their way.  It will not cost you any extra at all!



Let’s Go Camping – Kate Bruning – A Crochet Book Review
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