Getting Started in Crafts - New Series


I am excited to announce a new series of articles coming to the Tin Teddy Blog.

Each article will look at what you need to get started in different popular crafts.

I have been crafting since I was a small girl, and have tried many different crafts over the years – indeed I still regularly do many of them now.

“I want to make one of those!”

Have you ever seen a crafty item, perhaps for sale at a craft fair or on Etsy, or in a book or magazine, and thought “I would love to make something like that?”  But how easy would it be? What would you need to buy to get started? Would it be very expensive? What else should you know before you start?

What I will Cover

I will look at the equipment needed, how difficult it is and lots of useful tips to ensure that you start your new craft as simply, quickly and succesfully as possible.

In particular I will be looking at ways to save money – because, let’s face it, we all like to save a bit!

What equipment must you have, and what can you buy later on?  Can you use stuff you probably already have for now?

I will also discuss the pros and cons of the craft, including things like whether there are any dangers involved, ongoing costs, storage and space needed and how easy it is to sell products made with this craft.

Get the low down on a new craft before shelling out on materials and tools.

What Crafts Will I Be Looking at?

I have a long list of crafts to talk about.  I will start with the ones I am very familiar with.  Later on I will be enlisiting some guest writers to help me with articles on the crafts I am not so familiar with.

The first article will be about Needle Felting and will be out soon.

Other crafts that are shortlisted for the near future include card making, rubber stamping, knitting, crochet, bobbin lace making, tatting, resin crafts, beading and many more!

Once I have a few posted, I will set up a page with links to all the Getting Started articles so you can easily find them.

Getting Started in Crafts – New Series on the Tin Teddy Blog

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