Obviously scrapbooking is usually classified as a paper craft, and indeed there is a lot of paper and card involved.

But have you tried using fabric in your scrapbooks yet? Fabric is acid free so you can safely include it in scrapbook pages.

Here are some fabricy ideas you may like to try in your crafting projects.

    • felt doesn’t fray and is so easy to cut into fun shapes, use your stencils and templates to draw an outline and then cut it out with sharp scissors. You can add embroidery, sequins or tiny beads before adding to your page
    • cotton fabric comes in such gorgeous patterns nowadays, and can be used just as you would a pretty paper background!
    • if you know how to cross stitch or embroider you could add little details to fabric as a great embellishment
    • ribbon is often used in scrapbooking, and it is so versatile and economical that this is not surprising. Punch holes along the edge of the page and thread ribbon in and out, tie it in little flat bows or just glue it on flat for a pretty edging to a photo
    • raid your sewing box (or have a shopping spree in the local haberdashery!) Ric-rac, sequins, lace, bias binding, cords, buttons, fabric motifs, upholstery edging, leather and suede, yarn, embroidery cottons, zippers and press studs could all find a place in a scrapbook layout
    • remember not to put things on a page that are very thick or you could end up with dents in neighbouring pages
    • make a unique title, or short piece of journaling, by writing the words on to felt or other fabric with a barely visible pen, then stitching over the letters. You don’t need to be an expert stitcher, a simple running stitch can look charming
    • you can also include photographs or scans of your stitching – ideal if you want two matching pieces and have only got time to actually stitch one!
    • knitting makes a great, very textured ‘paper’ for your page
    • little crochet motifs such as flowers are fantastic for making embellishments – and a great way to use up oddments of thread
    • when a child grows out of a much loved dress or t shirt, if it is not suitable to be passed on to another child, how about cutting out logos or a swatch to add to a page about it – include a photo of the child in the item too 🙂
Fabricating a page..Scrapbook snippet no 9

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