The Craft Seller Success Podcast from Tin TeddyAn Introduction to the Craft Seller Success podcast

Welcome to the Craft Seller Success podcast.  This is Episode 000 which is an introduction to the podcast, what it will be including and who on earth I am!

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Transcript of Episode 000

This is the Craft Seller Success podcast from Tin Teddy.  Episode zero, An Introduction to the Craft Seller Success Podcast

Welcome to the Craft Seller Success Podcast – helping craft sellers sell their crafts

Do you sell handmade craft products or are you thinking of doing so? Maybe you have a shop on Etsy,  Amazon Handmade or Shopify? Or perhaps you have your own standalone online shop.  Or do you sell at craft fairs, shows or other events?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are exactly the sort of person that the Craft Seller Success Podcast is aimed at.

There will be a new episode once a fortnight (every two weeks), each on a different topic for craft sellers.

Some of the many things I will be talking about are:

How to start a blog to help you sell your crafts – and what to write on it
Setting up and running an online shop on Etsy or a similar marketplace
Branding – do you have it, do you want it, do you need it?
The black art of SEO or Search Engine Optimization – in other words, how to get your products and content found by search engines
Lots of tips to help you sell more in person at craft events
Improving your product photos, and descriptions
Dealing with the slow times and other downsides to running your own business
Stuff about money, saving it, spending it and of course making lots more of it!
Pro tips for moving your small craft business to the next level
and much more…

Each episode will also have extensive show notes on the Tin Teddy Blog.  Here you will find a transcript of the podcast, links to websites, brands and products mentioned, additional information and pictures and so on.  You can also leave me a comment or suggestions for future episodes.  I would love to hear from you.

So Who am I?

I am Deborah Richardson and I live in Northamptonshire, in the English countryside with my adult son, Matthew, and my fuzzy guinea pigs.Deborah Richardson of Tin Teddy

For the past five, six years I have been selling clip art, digital papers and collage sheets on Etsy, my shop is called Tin Teddy.  These graphics are for crafters to print out and use in their projects and on handmade products they sell.  I had been making them for my own crafting requirements for years anyway!  I also have a vintage shop on Etsy – Antique Dog Prints.

I also have a standalone WordPress shop selling physical products with my artwork on too,

I do a couple of craft stalls a year, with my crafty mother. We enjoy creating little knick knacks to fill our stall and love meeting the customers and visitors on the day – even when we are standing outside in December and it is freezing cold.  We have raised quite a bit for our favourite charities doing this too.

I am the author of Make It, Blog It, Profit – Blog Post ideas for craft sellers, a book packed full of ideas for what to actually write about on your craft selling blog.  I have also written articles on selling crafts for crafting magazines.

My blog, has been going since 2012.  As well as lots of articles to help craft sellers sell their crafts, I also post craft book and product reviews, illustrated and video tutorials, crafty news and, well, basically crafty stuff.

I am 50 years old, and I have been crafting since I was just a little girl,  My mother and grandmother taught me to knit and sew as soon as I was old enough to be trusted with needles!  My father was an artist and I spent many childhood hours watching him paint and draw.  So it was probably inevitable that arts and crafts would always play a big part in my life.

I love learning new crafts and so I am a terrible “Jack of all trades”.  Nowadays my main crafts are cardmaking, journaling and mixed media, knitting, crochet and macramé.  I also enjoy bobbin lace making, polymer clay, painting and drawing, sewing and embroidery and many other crafts.

For many years my father organized big craft shows in our town.  These were brilliant. Two day affairs, first in a local church hall, then later in the much bigger middle school.  As well as raising a lot of money for local charities they bought tourists to the town and, of course, were great for the crafters who had a stall.

I always had a stall.  Over the years the contents changed a lot!  One popular product was the huge range of knitted finger puppets than my school friend, Tracey, and I made.  We would be knitting for months in advance!  Back then knitting was not very trendy, hehe, and our school mates thought we were nuts. Later on we made clay badges, beaded jewellery and then knitted and sewn toys.

Years later, when I left work to be at home with my baby son, I began making collectors teddy bears.  As my sewing machine was old, like 1903 old, and didn’t like sewing fur, I had to sew all my bears by hand.  Therefore I mainly made little bears!  I began to specialise in very tiny teddy bears, selling a range of 1, 2 and 3” jointed teddies.  This was before the internet so selling them was a bit of a palatha.  I even managed to hold, for a little while, the world record for making the smallest jointed teddy bear!  One of my few claims to fame, that!

I do something arty or crafty every day. Crafting has always been a part of my life and I have been selling crafts for over 40 years.

I hope you enjoy the Craft Seller Success Podcast and find it useful for your craft business.  Don’t forget to check out for many more articles and resources for craft sellers.

In the first episode of the Craft Seller Success podcast I will be talking about  Why Does a Craft Seller Need a Blog?  This episode will be available from the 1st of May, together with Episode 2 – How Do I Get a Blog?

And Episode 3 – Ways to Sell Your Crafts Online, will be out on the 15th May 2018.

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The Craft Seller Success Podcast.  Helping craft sellers sell their crafts.

Until next time, byee

The Craft Seller Success Podcast from Tin Teddy.
Featuring Deborah Richardson
Original music by Matthew French

Craft Seller Success from Tin Teddy
Craft Seller Success from Tin Teddy
Deborah Richardson

Helping craft sellers to sell their crafts.

Or listen to Episode Zero of the Craft Seller Success on iTunes.

To see the other episodes available – Craft Seller Success Podcast Main Page

Ep 000 – Introduction to The Craft Seller Success Podcast
Ep 000 - Introduction to The Craft Seller Success Podcast

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