Someone asked me today ‘Do you use your own graphics in your crafting then?’

Well – a BIG yes! That is why I started making them, hehe

Back in 1993 my sister visited her penfriend in America. On her return she excitedly told me about this new US craze, called scrapbooking. She had a couple of magazines and a few supplies and we were both instantly hooked!

At first it was very hard to find things like acid free paper. If you asked about this in a craft shop you got expressions of ‘You what?’ We discovered that sugar craft paper was safe, so that featured heavily in our original pages. My sister had an actual 12inch scrapbook, I just had an A4 sized 4-ring binder.

Years passed, and scrapbook materials became available more easily over here in the UK.. and my scrapbooking stash also grew!

Never satisfied …

But sometimes I couldn’t find what I wanted. And sometimes I wanted to make a last minute gift card and just didn’t have the images I really wanted.. and it was too late to go buy them.

I had been making various sorts of computer graphics for a while, it was something I really enjoyed. So the obvious solution was to make things I could they use for crafting. I needed some wooden papers for a handy-man type scrapbook page… so the TT Wooden Papers were born. I wanted something super groovy for a page about growing up in the 70’s – queue the first TT Groovy Rings Papers and so on.

From 2004 I was making textures for creators in the virtual world of Second Life to use in their building. Since then my Tin Teddy Textures shop (which is now in both Second Life and Inworldz) has many hundreds of packs of textures – of all sorts.

Now, you know what happens when you make things, don’t you? Friends and family want them too. My mother is a very talented card-maker, and I made various things for her. She has made some really stunning creations with my graphics, and never ceases to amaze me with her imagination. She is also my best critic, she is honest and makes great suggestions for new sets. Thanks mum! *hug*

In the past few weeks I have:

  • decorated various pieces of cardboard dolls’ furniture using TT Wooden Papers

So yes, I certainly do use my own graphics, and will be including examples of things I have made with them as part of the Etsy listings – so you can get a few ideas for your own creations.

And of course I will be continuing to use Tin Teddy graphics – and creating new sets, both because I will need new things! and from the many ideas I get for new sets from customers, friends, mum and the world around me.


Do I use my own products?

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