Do you enjoy writing in a journal, or perhaps you have always wanted to do so, but haven’t yet started?

Tin Teddy Daily Journal Prompts

Journaling is very popular right now, but sometimes it can be difficult to know just what to write each day.

Tin Teddy to the Rescue

Well, at least I will try to help. On the last Wednesday of each month I will be posting a list of journaling prompts for each day of the following month.

You can use any month’s suggestions at any time though, so whenever you discover the series, you can still join in.

You can also use the prompts in any order and on any day. I will include some that are seasonal, but all can be used on any day, at any time.

Feel free to ignore ones you dislike, change any you feel could be improved and basically make them your own. They are just suggestions to help you get started on your day’s journaling.

Get Your Prompts Monthly or Daily

On the last Wednesday of each month I will post the full set of prompts for the next month, here on the Tin Teddy Blog. Subscribe if you don’t want to miss any!

You can either read the prompts on the blog page, checking in each day to get the next. Or you can print the page.. or even easier, print the handy PDF version that will be included each month.

If you prefer, you can also get each day’s prompt from my Twitter stream – my user name is tin_teddy

What Sort of Things Will the Prompts Be?

I have tried to include a good mixture of different types of prompts, to keep things interestings. Here are some of the types of prompt you can expect to see:

  • Ideas to get you thinking about yourself and your current life
  • Look back at the past and enjoy the memories, or reflect on events
  • Creative writing prompts – you can write as little or as much as you like of course
  • Doodle and arty prompts – add some imagery to your journal!
  • Quirky prompts to make you smile

I have seen some lists of journaling prompts that are quite deep and explore rather dark things. Whilst you can certainly use many of the Tin Teddy Daily Journal prompts to write about anything you like, I have tried to aim them at positive and uplifting subjects.

The aim is that using the prompts will help you learn more about yourself, remember some happy memories, enjoy your dreams and goals and enjoy flexing your creative writing muscles a little too.

Getting the Most From the Prompts

Many of the prompts can be used either for writing in your journal, or for drawing or other art journaling.

Add images, photos, ephemera and so on if you like – some prompts will encourage this.

Never hesitate to reject any prompts you are not interested in, swap from one day to another and change prompts to better suit your life, journaling style and mood.

Many prompts could be used again and again with just small changes. For example, a prompt that read “Imagine what the world will be like in twenty years time. How will it differ from today? What will probably be just the same?” could be repeated for different distances in time.. 100 years, 1000 years, 10,000 years!

Some could be used again and again just as they are. For example, a prompt that read “Describe what you can see from one of the windows of your home” could be repeated with different windows as the subject. You could also try it when on holiday or staying away from home for an interesting contrast.

What Do You Need?

All you need to join in is something to write in (or on) and something to write with! Most people will probably use a journal or notebook of some sort. You could use an exercise book, lined paper in a binder, a diary or a planner too.

You can also use a digital planner if you prefer of course.

I have treated myself to a nice new (though inexpensive) journal, which I will tell you about in a later post. Whether you buy a new journal, continue with an existing one, or use something you already have around the house is up to you. There is no right or wrong.

I will mainly write in my trusty fountain pen because I love using it. But you could use whatever pen or pens you are most comfortable with. Some people like to use one pen, or one colour of ink throughout the journal. Others mix all sorts of colours!

You can also use marker pens, pencil, coloured pencils, pastels, crayons, paint and whatever media you like. You might want to test a tiny bit in a corner first to check that they don’t bleen through the pages.

You can also add other things to your journal if you want, but it is totally up to you.

You could include stickers, die cuts, washi tape, calligraphy, glitter and many other crafty options.

It is YOUR journal, you can do it however you like!

I Will Be Doing it Too #tinteddyjournal

I will be using the prompts myself in my own journals and regularly posting about my progress on Instagram.

Journaling can be an intensely personal experience, and so I know that many of you will not want to share all, or any, of your journaling. That is totally fine! But there may be some entries that you are happy to share, and you may enjoy reading what others are writing and thinking about.

If you would like to join in and post about your journal entries, based on the Tin Teddy Journaling Prompts, just use the hashtag #tinteddyjournal

Got Ideas?

I would love to hear your ideas for future prompts. I will credit you if I use them, of course. Send any suggestions to the usual Tin Teddy email – or use the form on the Contact Me page.

The new series will start on Wednesday 30th September, with October 2020’s suggestions. Each day’s prompt will also be posted on tin_teddy@Twitter.

Daily Journal Prompts – New Series, Starts 30th September 2020
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